Achievements Window

As you play the Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery game, you will start winning Achievements. There are currently 47 unique challenges in the game that are linked to the Achievements. Each Achievement Challenge encourages different aspect of game play. There are 3 levels to each Achievement, giving 141 Achievements total.

Ten of the 47 unique challenges are for Trophies which, when won, appear on the top of your Darkwood Town Map and give out rewards every 12 hours. The higher the level of a Trophy, the bigger the reward (if reward is a set number of experience points, energy, coins) or the bigger the pool of items that can be won (if the reward is a random item from the game).

See List of Award Levels for a full list of the different levels of each of the Trophy and Non-Trophy Achievements, the requirements to reach each level of each Achievement, and the reward for accomplishing the Achievement Levels.

The Achievements Window Edit

The fourth icon from the left on the bottom of the Darkwood Town map is the Achievements Icon (4). Tapping on the Achievements Icon will open the Achievements Window, which displays all of the achievements available in the game.
Darkwood Town Map navigation annotated

As of the 1.17.0 update, there are currently 141 Achievements to acquire. These are made up of 47 unique challenges, each of which have 3 levels of completion. Every Achievement gives a reward when completed, with the harder to complete Achievements giving higher value rewards. Of the 47 unique challenges, 10 are related to earning and upgrading the Trophies that appear near the top of the Darkwood Town map. When a player completes the first level of these challenges, a new Trophy will appear in one of the 10 slots on the top of their Darkwood Town map. When the Trophy first appears on the map, it is sparkling thus indicating that it is fully charged and ready for its rewards to be collected. Tapping on the Trophy will discharge the rewards for collection. At this point the Trophy's timer will start for the first time.

Completing the 2nd and 3rd level of the challenges for the 10 trophies will upgrade their appearance on the Darkwood Town map and increase their periodic rewards. When a new level of the Trophy is won, the Trophy will get an upgraded appearance on the Darkwood Town Map and will be sparkling thus indicating that it is fully charged and ready for its rewards to be collected (regardless of how long was remaining on the Trophy before the new level was reached). Tapping on the Trophy will discharge the rewards and the timer will restart its 12 hour countdown.

The other 37 unique challenges do not result in a new Trophy appearing on a players map, but do have their own rewards for completion for each level.
Achievements incomplete

The Achievements Window at the beginning of the game. The challenges that create Trophies are listed first, followed by the challenges that do not.

When you first open the Achievements Window, the 47 unique challenges will be listed with the 10 challenges that create Trophies at the top and the other 37 trophies listed after them. As you complete the different Achievements, the order of the list will change based on your recent progress towards the Achievements (with fully upgraded Achievements listed at the top).

Each unique challenge in the list has its own box that gives information about the Achievement and its rewards. The top of this box displays the name of the unique challenge in an orange box. The icon for the unique challenge (the Trophy icon for the Trophy challenges or a tree crest for the non-Trophy challenges) is displayed on the left hand side.

In the middle of the Achievement box are slots for 3 gold stars, which indicates which level of the unique challenge you are currently on. Three empty slots indicates that you have not completed any level of the challenge yet. One gold star and 2 empty slots indicates you are have completed the first level of the challenge and are working towards the second level. Two gold stars and 1 empty slot indicates you have completed the second level of the challenge and are working towards the third level. Three gold stars means you have already completed all three levels.

Achievements collect reward

The Achievements window showing 2 recently completed achievements, whose rewards are awaiting collection.

The requirements to complete that level of the challenge is displayed under the challenge's name (e.g. 'Reach level 5 reputation' for level one of the 'Life of the Party' challenge.) Beneath this a progress bar is displayed showing how close you are to completing that level of the challenge. In the center of this progress bar is an indication of how close you are towards the challenge requirements e.g. 4/5 means you have 4 of the requirement 5 items. As you progress towards the challenge requirements, the bar will fill with a green background. If you have completed all 3 levels of a challenge the counter will still continue to count.

The rewards for completing the current level of challenge are displayed on the right hand side of the Achievement box. If you have completed all 3 levels of a challenge, then this box will be empty.

When you have completed an Achievement, you will not automatically receive the reward. The next time you return to the Darkwood Town map, a red exclamation mark will appear in the Achievements Icon on the map (3), indicating you have rewards awaiting collection. When you open the Achievements Window, the completed Achievements will be listed at the top of the Window. In place of the progress bar will be a green 'Collect reward' button. Pressing this will complete the Achievement, and when you exit the Achievements Window, the rewards will be added to your inventory. If the challenge has more levels left to complete, then the new requirements for the next level will appear as a new progress bar in place of the 'Collect reward' button. If the challenge does not have any more levels left to complete, then the phrase 'Congratulations! You've completed every stage of the achievement' message will in place of the requirements and the progress bar from level 3 of the challenge will return and continue to count.

Important: When you complete the requirements for a particular challenge, you do not automatically get the reward. You must open the Achievements Window and press 'Collect' to receive the reward. In the case of Trophies, the Trophy icon on your Darkwood Town Map will not be upgraded until you go to the Achievements Window and 'Collect' that level of the Achievement.

Trophies on Your Darkwood Town MapEdit

Achievements trophies

As you complete Achievements, you will win Trophies that will fill 10 slots on the top of your Darkwood Town map. These Trophies give out rewards in 12 hour increments. Each Trophy has its own 12-hour timer, and when this timer expires the Trophy starts to sparkle indicating that it is ready for you to collect your reward. To collect the reward, simply tap on the award. The timer will only restart after you have collected the reward.

If you tap on the reward during the 12 hour timer, an information box for the Trophy will appear telling you what rewards it gives out every 12 hours as well as what Challenge gives/upgrades the Trophy. Upgrading the Trophy will increase its rewards.

Each Trophy is won by completing an unique challenge in the Achievements Window. Each of these challenges have three levels of completion. When you win the first level, the Trophy will be added to your Darkwood Town map. It will initially be sparkling, indicating that you can collect your first reward from the Trophy. Once you accept the reward, the Trophy's 12-hour timer will start counting down for the first time. When you complete subsequent levels of the Trophy's challenge, the Trophy will get an upgraded appearance and the reward the Trophy gives out will increase. The Trophies start out completely Silver in colour at their first level. At the second level they will be a mix of silver and gold, and at the third level they will be mostly gold in colour.

The table below shows each Trophies name; challenge type; and reward type:

Number Trophy Name Challenge Type Reward Type
Surge of Energy
Surge of Energy
Use Energy Boosting Items Energy points
Sharp Eye
Sharp Eye
Find hidden objects while playing Locations Experience points
Life of the Party
Life of the Party
Increase Reputation Level Coins
Anomaly Hunter
Anomaly Hunter
Dispel Anomalies Coins
Regular Customer
Regular Customer
Order Crafting Items Random Crafting reagent
Banish Monsters Random Banishing weapons
Trade with Townspeople Random Crafting reagent
Combine Collections Coins
The Ends Justify the Means
The Ends Justify the Means
Use Tools Experience Points
Spend Coins Random Access Passes

Trophies when Visiting Friends' Darkwood Town MapsEdit

A note about sparkling Trophies when you are visiting your Friends' Darkwood Town Maps: When you visit your Friends, their Trophies will always appear sparkling to you. This does not mean that they are always ready to collect, and your Friend is neglecting them. This is just how they are displayed when you visit that Friend. You can charge your Friends' Trophies when you visit them, just like you cannot charge their Crafting Stations.

When visiting Friends, you can interact with their Trophies, Hidden Object Locations; Puzzles; Crafting Stations, Townspeople (Trading); and Monsters (Banishing) by tapping on them. Each thing you interact with will count towards one of your daily 'Actions' for that friend. Charging Trophies, Hidden Object Locations, Puzzles and Crafting Stations (Fortune Teller, Forge, and Inventor) will give your Friend the benefit of your Player Talent for the next play of that Location (unless your charge is queued under charges by their other Friends, in which case they will get to your benefit when they play the Location enough times to get to your charge). Trading with Townspeople or Banishing Monsters only gives you the benefit, not your Friend.

Non-Trophy AchievementsEdit

Regular Achievement icon

A level 1 Achievement icon for all Non-trophy Challenges. This icon has 1 blue star indicating that the player has completed the first level of the challenge. 2 blue stars would indicate that the 2nd level has been completed and 3 blue stars would indicate that all 3 levels have been completed.

In addition to the 10 Trophies available in the game, there are 37 additional Achievement challenges in the Achievements section. These challenges also have 3 levels each.

All the Non-Trophy Achievements in the game have the same Icon next to them - the medal with a Tree icon. This icon is completely greyed out if you have not completed any levels of the challenge. When you complete the first level of the challenge, the greyed out icon becomes a bronze medal with a single blue star (such as in the picture to the left). When you complete the second level of the challenge, a second blue star will appear on the medal, and when you complete the third level of the challenge a third blue star will appear on the medal.

The non-Trophy Achievements are:

  1. By Leaps and Bounds - Reaching different Game Levels
  2. Tick Tock - Time spend playing games
  3. The More the Merrier - Adding Friends
  4. Helping Hand - Charging items when Visiting Friends
  5. Front Page! - Posting to social networks
  6. Unexpected Gift - Receiving Gifts from Friends
  7. Anything for a Friend - Giving Gifts to Friends
  8. There It Is! - Using the Eyeglass Tool
  9. Shockwave - Using the Lightning in a Bottle Tool
  10. Enlightenment - Using the Magic Lantern Tool
  11. Time Master - Using the Flying Time Tool
  12. Alchemist - Activating Talismans
  13. Relic Seeker - Combining Artifacts
  14. Jack of All Trades - completing Quests
  15. Skeleton Key - unlocking Locations or Puzzles
  16. Puzzle Master - winning Puzzle Games
  17. First Step - reaching 100% of Novice Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  18. Practice Makes Perfect - reaching 100% of Amateur Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  19. Great Connoisseur - reaching 100% of Connoisseur Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  20. Lost & Found - reaching 100% of Sleuth Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  21. Inside and Out - reaching 100% of Detective Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  22. Midway - reaching 100% of Virtuoso Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  23. Lucky Number - reaching 100% of Expert Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  24. Clever Hands - reaching 100% of Master Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  25. One More Step... - reaching 100% of Grand Master Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  26. Ace of Aces - reaching 100% of Magister Rank on Locations/Puzzles
  27. Familiar Image - winning Hidden Object games in Silhouette mode
  28. In The Dark - winning Hidden Object games in Night mode
  29. Nothing Is The Same - winning Hidden Object games in Morph mode
  30. Perfect Couple - winning Hidden Object games in Pairs mode
  31. Cryptographer - winning Hidden Object games in Anagram mode
  32. Clever Cookie - Winning Puzzles in a row without losing
  33. One in a Million - Winning Hidden Object games in a row without losing
  34. Don't Fear the Dark - play the Dark Entities Anomaly
  35. No Shortcuts - play the Gargoyle Anomaly
  36. Mirror Mirror - play the Reflection Anomaly
  37. Without Delay - play the Time Shift Anomaly

See List of Award Levels for a full list of the different levels of each of the Trophy and Non-Trophy Achievements, the requirements to reach each level of each Achievement, and the reward for accomplishing the Achievement Levels.