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The Collections Window contains a list of all Collections available in the game. Here you can view and update your Wish List; combine new collections you have all the items and Fixers (combining elements) for; and search through your partially completed and uncompleted collections.

To enter the Collections Window press the 'Collections' icon on the bottom of your Darkwood Town Map (number 5 on the image above).

Collections List ('Collections' Tab)Edit

As you play Locations and Puzzles in the game, you will collect different Collection items as rewards for winning games, these are used to combine collections in order to collect rewards. Combining collections is the act of using 1 of each of the 5 collection items for a particular Collection in order to make a new item (displayed on the right of the collection). Fixers are the combining elements required, in addition to the 5 collection items, in order to combine the collection. 'Combining' the collection is sometimes referred to as 'Trading' or 'Exchanging' the collection in the game, but is not related to Trading items with Townspeople. All three words refer to the same thing - pressing the 'Combine' button under a collection to convert the 5 Collection Items and various Fixers into a 6th item. When you open the Collections Window by pressing the 'Collections' icon, the default open tab will be the Collections tab. As of the 1.5.0 update (March 2016), there are 150 Collections in the Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood game. Two Collections can be displayed at a time, so there are 75 separate pages of 2 Collections that can be scrolled through in the Collections tab. At the bottom centre of the Collections Window, the page number is displayed in the light brown box in the format "page x of 75".

Collections List page 75 of 75

Page 75 of 75 in the Collections Tab of the Collections Window

Note that the page number does not move forward until you reach the 2nd Collection of each group of 2 Collections, so the previous page number may be displayed if you are between pages. For example, if you are looking at the the 1st and 2nd Collections in the List ('Stationery Kit' and 'Family Heirlooms'), you will be on page 1 of 75. If you scroll down one Collection so you are now looking at the 2nd and 3rd Collections ('Family Heirlooms' and 'Lost Languages'), you will still be on page 1 of 75 according to the counter. It is not until you scroll down further so that it is the 3rd and 4th Collections that are displayed ('Lost Languages' and 'Hunting Bow') that the page number will change to page 2 of 75. This means that if you want to direct someone to a particular Collection using the page numbers, you may need to scroll up and down to the Collection before and after that Collection to confirm which page it really belongs to. The Collections will always appear in the same order in the Collections tab (unless they have been sorted), with the first Collections being 'Stationery Kit' followed by 'Family Heirlooms' on page 1 of 75, and the last Collections being 'Darkwood Legends' and 'Tracing The Author' on page 75 of 75.

If you wish to find out which Collections you have ready to combine, you can choose to either scroll through the 75 pages manually, or you can click on the box at the bottom of your screen to sort your list. The list will be sorted in the following order: Collections that are ready to Combine (ie contain all Items & Fixer(s)), Collections that have all Items but are missing Fixer(s), Collections that have all Fixer(s) but are missing Item(s), and finally, Collections that are missing both Item(s) & Fixer(s).

Collection sorting on and off

Collection sorting ON/OFF option

You can choose to sort from either the Collections or Artifacts Tab, and it will automatically sort both Lists.

Alternatively, if you have an active Quest to Combine that Collection, you may click 'Accept' on the Quest, and that will bring you directly to that Collection in the Collections tab.

When you close and re-open the Collections Window, you will be brought back to the top of the list, or the first Collection ready to be Combined, depending on if you have sorted the list.

Artifacts List ('Artifacts' Tab) Edit

The second tab in the Collections Window is the Artifacts tab. This tab contains all of the artifacts in the game. You can toggle between the Collections tab and the Artifacts tab by pressing on the Green 'Collections' and 'Artifacts' button at the top of the Collections Window (directly beneath the purple 'My Wish List' banner).

Artifacts page 2 of 3

Page 2 of 3 of the Artifacts tab in the Collections Window

Artifacts are super-charged talismans that have stronger powers and last longer than regular talismans. They are created in a similar manner to Collections, except that instead of combining 5 collection items won by playing the game into a collection, Artifacts are created by combining 5 collections that have been previously created. Combining Artifacts also requires using Fixers as combining elements.

As of the 1.0.6 update (July 2015), there are 6 different Artifacts in the Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood game. Just like the Collections, two Artifacts can be displayed at a time in the Artifacts tab, so there are 3 separate pages of 2 Artifacts that can be scrolled through.

When you close the Collections Window while viewing one of the Artifact pages, you will be brought back to the same Artifact page you were previously viewing when you next open the Collections Window.

Using the Collections/Artifacts Lists Edit

Each Collection/Artifact has an entry in the list that gives you all the information you need about the Collection/Artifact.

Collections page 2 of 32

1. The Collections Window title; 2. Your Wishlist; 3. Facebook Share; 4. Collections tab; 5. Artifacts tab; 6. Collection Name; 7. Collection reward; 8. Collection item; 9. Button to add Collection item to Wish List; 10 Fixers required to combine collection; 11. Combine button; 12. Item created by combining that Collection

The five items needed to combine the collection (or five collections needed to combine the Artifact) are listed first (No. 8 in image above). Each item is represented by an image, with the items name displayed above it. If you already have that item in your inventory then the item is shown in full colour and the number you currently have is displayed beneath the item, e.g. the Mayan Disk above, the player has 1 in their inventory so they see 'x1' beneath the image of item. If you do not have any of the item in your inventory, then item's image is faded and no number appears beneath it, e.g. the Egyptian Fresco and Celtic Runes in the image above.

In the bottom right hand corner of each item picture is a checklist icon with a green plus sign (No. 9 in the image above), which is used to add the item to your wish list.

Tapping on any item's image will bring up an information box about the item which shows how many of the item you currently have in your inventory and where the item can be won when playing the game. If the item cannot be won outside of its specific quest, then no location information will be given in the information box for that item.

(Note: Collection items and combined collections do not actually show up in the Inventory Window, you can only see them in the Collection Window or, in the case of Collection items, in the Gifting section of the Friends Section).

Beside the list of 5 Collection items, each collection has a box on the right hand side which contains 4 slots for Fixers (N0. 10 in image above). Each Fixer required for that collection is represented by a picture in this box. Under the Fixer will be a banner displaying how many of that Fixer you currently have in your inventory and how many of that Fixer are needed to combine that collection one time.

If you have enough of that Fixer to combine that collection one time (or more) then the banner will be green in colour. If you do not have enough of that Fixer to combine that collection then the banner will be brown in colour. For example, if a collection requires 2 Threads and you currently have 4 in your inventory you will see 4/2 in a green banner under the Fixer, but if you only have 1 Thread in your inventory, then you will see 1/2 in a brown banner under the Fixer.

The 'Combine' button is located under the Fixers box (No. 11 in the image above). If you have met all the requirements to combine the Collection/Artifact (have at least 1 of each collection item/Collection and have enough of each Fixer) then the Combine button will be Green and pressing it will combine the Collection/Artifact. If you are missing any of the requirements (either collection items/Collections or Fixers), then the combine button will be grey and pressing the combine button will bring up a message saying you cannot combine the collection.

Next to the Fixers box is an image and name of the item that is created by combining the Collection/Artifact (No. 12 in image above). If you have already combined that item, the image will be in full colour and there will be medal displayed beneath the item. If you have not yet combined that item (or have previously combined it but then used the item), there will be no medal and the item will be greyed out.

In the case of Artifacts this is the Artifact itself, that will appear in the Talisman tab of the Inventory Window. Beneath the image of the item created by combining the collection the total number of that item you have combined will be displayed (unless you later use that item). As you use the Artifacts (by going to the Talisman section of your Inventory) this number will decrease in the Artifacts tab.

Note: If you combine a collection and then go on to use that collection to combine an Artifact, the total number of completed displayed in the collections tab will be reduced by one (as you have used one of the items to make the Artifact). If you only had one of that Collection combined, then the medal indicating that collection has been combined will disappear. If you use an Artifact after combining it, then the total number of that Artifact will be reduced by on in the Artifact tab. If you only had one of that Artifact then the medal indicating that Artifact has been combined will disappear.

Above the list of Fixers for each Collection/Artifact, the rewards for combining that Collection/Artifact are displayed (No. 7 in the image above).

Above the list of 5 Collection items/Collections, the name of that Collection/Artifact is displayed (No. 6 in the image above).

Combining Collections Edit

Collections combine

A collection that is ready to combine/trade.

For each collection you will need to find 5 different items and a number of Fixers that are required to combine the collection. You can combine any collection as many times as you want, and each time you combine the collection you will receive the reward.

If you have met all the requirements the 'Combine' button will be green and pressing it will display a graphic of the Collection being combined to form the 6th item (the 'Mysterious Ring' in the image to the left).

If the Combine button is grey not green, then you are missing something needed to combine the Collection. If you have at least one of each Collection item then check the Fixers list to make sure that you have the right number of each fixer required to combine that Collection.

If you collect all the items needed to combine a Collection before the Quests to find those items and combine that collection starts, you will still have to play through all 5 of the quests to find the different Collection items. However, if you have previously combined the Collection, then the Quest to 'Combine the Collection' will automatically complete when you reach it. You cannot skip Quests asking you to find Collection items by combining the Collection they belong to.

Adding Items to Your Wish List in the Collections Window Edit

At the top of the Collections Window, your Wish List is displayed (both when you are in the Collections tab and in the Artifacts tab). These are the items that you are currently requesting from your friends as gifts. If your game is connected to a Facebook account, then you can press the Share button next to your Wish list to share its contents.

You can add collection items and fixers to your wishlist within the Collections Window. To add a Collection item to your wish list, press the green plus sign that is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the Collection item picture. To later remove the Collection item from your wishlist you can press the red 'X' next to the item in the wish list itself or next to the item's picture in that collection. When you press the red 'X', a confirmation message will appear to stop items being removed accidentally while scrolling through the collections list.

Fixers add wishlist

Tapping on the Fixers box next to a Collection/Artifact will bring up a window with more details on the Fixers needed to combine that Collection/Artifact. Here you can buy the Fixer (for Rubies) or add it to your Wish list.

To add a Fixer to a wish list, you must find a Collection/Artifact that requires that Fixer in the Collections/Artifacts list. Tapping on the box that displays the Fixers need to combine that collection will bring up a bigger window showing a detailed list of the Fixers needed to combine that Collection/Artifact. For each Fixer, the name and image of the Fixer is displayed, along with the number you have in your inventory and the price (in Rubies) for buying that Fixer. Tapping on the price will buy the Fixer. Tapping on the Fixer's image will bring up an information box for that particular Fixer which will tell you how you can get the item while playing the game. There will be green plus signs next to each Fixer in the detailed view of the Fixers for that Collection/Artifact. You can use this green plus sign to add that Fixer to your Wish list.

Wiki Databases for Collections Edit

List of CollectionsEdit

See List of Collections page for a complete list of collections available in the game since the 1.0.6 update (July 2015) as well as the rewards obtained for combining each collection. See the List of Collection Items for the same list, but with each item within each collection named so as to aid searching for specific quest items, and see the List of Collection Item Locations for the same expanded list, but with each Regular and Quest location information for each item listed.

Note: The List of Collection Item Locations is quite a large and cumbersome list, so it is better to use the smaller List of Collections page if you know which collection you are looking for, or if you are simply trying to find the collections that reward particular rewards.

If you know which collection you are looking for, you can type the name in the box, bottom left and it will go to the page without having to scroll through.

List of Artifacts Edit

See List of Artifacts page for a complete List of Artifacts in the game since the 1.0.6 updates (July 2015) and which Collections and Fixers are needed to create each Artifact.

List of FixersEdit

See the Fixers page for a complete list of Fixers (combining elements) available in the game since the 1.0.6 update (July 2015), and the List of Fixer Requirements for a full list of which Fixers are needed to combine each collection.


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