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Darkwood Town Map with Crafting Stations marked in purple. Both the Fortune Teller and the Forge are busy Crafting an item so their Crafting symbol (bottom right of Crafting Station picture) is red.

The centre of the Darkwood Town Map currently includes 36 different stationary Locations that a player can interact with. Of these, 3 are places that you can Craft items - Fortune Teller; Forge; and Inventor.

NOTE: Please see the List of Crafting Items for a complete list of items that can be crafted by the Darkwood Craftsmen and the requirements needed to craft each.

Opening Crafting StationsEdit

When you first start a game of Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood, none of the Crafting Stations are open. When you reach level 5, the first Crafting Station, Fortune Teller, unlocks. As you progress through the Game Levels the other Crafting Stations will unlock. Once unlocked, the Crafting Stations will not automatically open, first you have to tap on the Crafting Stations icon and press open in the Window that appears.

Crafting Station StatusEdit

You can see the current status of a Crafting Station on the Darkwood Town map. If there is currently no Crafting in progress at that station the icon to the top right of the Crafting Station picture will have an orange border and symbol with a dark green background. If there is an item currently in the process of being crafted at that Station, when the icon to the top right of the Crafting Station picture will have a red border and symbol with a pink background. If an item has been ordered at that Crafting Station and is currently ready to collect, then the icon to the top right of the Crafting Station picture will have a green border and symbol with a light green background.

Crafting WindowEdit

Tapping on a Crafting Station on the Darkwood Town map will open the Crafting Window for that Station.

Each Crafting station has one open Crafting slot when they are first opened. This means you can only Craft one item at a time. A second slot is available, which you can unlock by paying with Rubies.

Each Crafting Station has its own unique list of items that can be Crafted. These are listed from easiest to hardest on the list on the right hand side. You can scroll through this list by swiping.

Each item that can be Crafted has its own entry in the list showing the Items name at top. The items picture is on the left hand side of the entry, and the time needed to Craft that item is listed underneath this picture. Easier items can be Crafted in minutes, but harder items at the end of the list can take many hours to be crafted.
Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller Crafting Station

Each item requires 3-4 different reagents to be Crafted. These reagents are lists after the item picture in the item's entry. The easier Crafting items, at the top of the list can usually be made from reagents that can more easily be found in the game. These items can either be found by playing Locations or Puzzles or by Trading with Townspeople or Banishing Monsters. As you get further down the list, the reagents become harder to obtain. These reagents may need to be Crafted themselves. Many of the Crafting items require Coins in addition to reagents to Craft.

Hint: You can tap on any Reagent in the list to bring up an information box about the item which will explain where you can obtain the item.

When you have all the required Reagents (and Coins if necessary), you can 'Order' the item to be Crafted. The item will become available after the specified time. You can pay with Rubies to make the item available immediately, the cost to do this increases with the amount of time being skipped. Unless you have unlocked the second Crafting slot, you will only be able to Craft one item at a time. You can exit the Crafting Station and continue to play the game, or exit the game, and the Crafting timer will continue to count down. While the item is being Crafted, the icon next to the Crafting Station's picture on the Darkwood Town map will be red in colour.

When the item is ready, the icon next to the Crafting Station's Picture on the Darkwood Town map will turn green. In order to collect the item, you must open the Crafting Station Window and press 'Claim' under the Crafting slot. The item will go into your inventory when you exit the Crafting Station Window.


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