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Dispeller of Anomalies is a special mini challenge event in the Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery game. Available to players from Game Level 7 and up, it is one of 3 Mini Events that the game periodically rolls out during the monthly special event Timed Challenges, alternating with the Black Pearls and Gemstone Search challenges.

The Dispeller of Anomalies mini event challenge was first introduced in the January 2017 Update to the game.

How to PlayEdit

Dispeller of Anomalies June 2017

Dispeller of Anomalies Challenge June 2017

The challenge requires Players to dispel/ banish Anomalies from the Hidden Object Locations. Anomalies can be dispelled in one of two ways - either by successfully exploring the room location cursed with the anomaly or by using the appropriate special anti-anomaly item to dispel/banish the anomaly.

On June 13, 2017, the third Dispeller of Anomalies mini event was released, giving Players 6 days to complete the challenge and win the rewards:

  • Dispel 5 Anomalies to win 1 Truffles - restores 30 energy
  • Dispel 13 Anomalies to win 1 Thunder Amulet - regenerates energy 5x faster for 1.5 hours
  • Dispel 25 Anomalies to win 1 Cake - restores 150 energy
  • Dispel 50 Anomalies to win 1 Fire Crystal - regenerates energy 10x faster for 2 hours
  • Dispel 100 Anomalies to win 1 Shot of Vigor - gives free energy for 1 hour

What to UseEdit

Below is a Summary of the 5 types of Anomalies, their Summoners, and Dispellers:

Anomaly Summoning Item Dispelling Item Description Time to Play
Reflection Anomaly Symbol
Cracked Mirror
Relfections Anomaly Summon Cracked Mirror
Head Mirror
Reflection Anomaly Dispel Hand Mirror
Image and items list are inverted 3 minutes
Dark Entities
Dark Entities Anomaly
Sphere of Darkness
Dark Entities Anomaly Summon Sphere Darkness
Flask of Fireflies
Dark Entities Anomaly Dispel Flask Fireflies
Smoke clouds obstruct views 3 minutes
Time Shift
Time Shift Anomaly Symbol
Time Violator
Time Shift Anomaly Summon Time Violator
Time Shift Anomaly Dispel Metronome
Less time to play 2 minutes
Gargoyle Anomaly Symbol
Stone Heart
Gargoyle Anomaly Summon Stone Heart
Rock Crusher
Gargoyle Anomaly Dispel Rock Crusher
Must find one item at a time 3 minutes
Hoarfrost Anomaly Symbol
Frosty Box
Hoarfrost Anomaly Summon Frosty Box
Sun Gem
Hoarfrost Anomaly Dispeller Sun Gem
Image covered with frost; swipe to clear 3 minutes

Hints/Tips for Completing the ChallengeEdit

Novice locations cannot be cursed with an anomaly.

Anomalies can only be summoned to a location that doesn't currently have an Anomaly in it and which isn't in Anagram mode. You cannot choose which location will get the Anomaly when you summon one as it is completely random.

However, you can eliminate the possibilities and in essence "force" an Anomaly to appear in a certain location - you just have to ensure that the desired location doesn't currently have an Anomaly or Anagram (CBA) mode and that all the other locations (except the one you want summoned) are cursed or in CBA mode.

Players have found it helpful to keep as many locations as possible in Anomaly or Anagram (CBA) mode, thus making it easier when this type of mini event occurs.

List of Previous Dispeller of Anomalies Mini EventsEdit

  • June 13, 2017
  • May 1, 2017
  • January 22, 2017

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