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Placeholder for the file name "image.jpg". Please give proper (descriptive) names to your uploaded images!

What is a placeholder image?Edit

Some common filenames are repeatedly used for images that are uploaded to the wiki by different users. Only one image can exist at a time with each name, so when a new user uploads an image with the same name as an existing image, the old image is replaced by the new image.

In an effort to stop users from losing valuable images as a result of them being overwritten by other images of the same name, placeholder images are used for the most common file names. When a new image is uploaded with that common file name, instead of overwritting another user's image, the new image only overwrites the placeholder. Admins monitor these file names and take action as necessary as users upload new images with the same file name.

Why has my image been reverted to an apple?Edit

If a user uploads an image titled 'image.jpeg'; 'image.jpg', 'image.png' or 'image.gif' (and simply ignores the warning that this file name is already in use on the wiki) then their image will replace this place-holder image.

If, after 7 days, the new image has not been used in any area of the wiki (e.g. on articles, in a user's profile, or on the forum), then the image will just be reverted back to the apple placeholder. No action is taken to preserve the new image. The image has not been used on the wiki and is presumed to be not needed by the uploader. The user is free to upload the image again should they decide to use it at a later date.

If the new image has been used in any area of the wiki, then an admin will upload a copy of the image with a more appropriate file name. All instances of the images use will then be edited to change the link from 'image.jpg' to the new version of the image with the new filename. At this point, the original image.jpeg is reverted to the placeholder image. This means that all uses of the new image will continue displaying the intended image without interruption. The next time a user uploads yet another different image with the 'image.jpg' file name, their new image will only replace the place-holder image and will not replace the last image in the posts/articles it has been used in. This stops users from accidentally changing the images in each other's posts by overwriting the same image filename with a new image.

This is a lot of work for the admin team, but this solution allows all users to continue to upload images as they need to, without accidentally deleting other users images.

Why don't you just protect the common filenames so only Admins can change the images?Edit

Some users access the Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood wiki on mobile devices, and may not have control on the filenames of the images they are uploading from these devices. It is possible that every image they upload will be given the same common name by their device.

If these common filenames are protected, then some users who try to upload images from their mobile devices will no longer be able to upload any images to wiki (since they cannot upload with the protected filename but cannot change the name prior to uploading).

Our goal is to make this place as accessible as possible to everyone, equally. Protecting these filenames may remove functionality from some users, so the place-holder image system is used instead.

What can I do to help?Edit

  1. If you are able to change the file names of the images you would like to upload to the wiki, then PLEASE give the image an appropriate name BEFORE uploading. Names should describe the content of the image and be unique. By making your image filename descriptive, other users will be able to find your image when seaching for keywords on the topic it describes. This will help avoid unnecessary repetition of images on the wiki.
  2. If you are not able to change the names of the images you would like to upload to the wiki, then please just go ahead and upload anyway (we use placeholder images so that you can!). But PLEASE contact an admin and let them know that you have uploaded an image and what name you would like that image to have. The admin will be able to quickly change the image's filename (and correct any links to the image if it is already in use in a forum post or article).
  3. Don't vandalise this description page. Maintaining the place-holder images is a thankless job undertaken by admins to allow all users the freedom to use images on the wiki. Keeping track of all common named images and making sure that everyone's images are protected (and not accidentally replaced by another user) takes time and effort. There is no need to add dealing with vandalism to that workload.

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