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Q: How do I contact Support? Where is my Support ID?

A: Contact game support and locate your ID by clicking the gear icon that's on the top of the game screen next to your energy bar. Alternatively, you can find it in your device's app settings. Or visit these pages:

Seeker Notes Official Facebook page

MyTona Support

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Q: I am so stuck on the hidden lights puzzles and the mosaics ones need a good walkthrough as I spend money on the game !!!!

A: See comment section below.

Q: How do I spend my coins?

A: Coins are used for crafting fixers and banishing items at the Fortune Teller, Forge, and Inventor. That's all they are good for presently.

Q: How are rubies earned?

A: Rubies can be earned in a few ways: reaching a new experience level gives you 1 ruby, working on your Achievements gives you anywhere from 1 to 6 rubies, updating whenever there's a new version of the game released usually gives you 5 rubies, linking your game to a Facebook account gives you a couple rubies, and on special holidays/celebrations MyTona will often send a gift of rubies and coins and whatnot to players who log in on that particular day.

Q: I think I accidentally deleted a friend. I don't know her code. How do I get her back?

A: Having a code would be easiest. If she is registered user of this wiki, you can try posting to her wall or maybe leave a general message in the forum looking for her or friends of hers? Or if you both were Facebook friends, you can try re-adding her through that. Otherwise, if there isn't a way to contact her for her code then she may be lost to you.

Q: Is there a way to chat with friends within the game?

A: No chat feature yet but they have that coming soon guild feature (been there forever it seems lol) that might encompass a chat option.

Q: Is there a way to see a list of gifts by friend? I want to be able to do something special for friends who pay attention to my wish list and send me critical collection items or fixers. Also, I'd like to see a list of each friend's location charging help & gifts, over time, to help determine which friends I would like to focus extra thanks on.

A: When you accept gifts from your friends, their picture and name will be displayed next to the gift. Other than that, no'd have to make note of it yourself. As for charging rooms, no list but you can click the charges on the rooms to see who has charged that room. Again you'd have to meticulously note down who charged what yourself if you want to track and see which friend has helped you most. You are able to star/ favorite your friends though - on the friends tab, click the star on the top right of each friend's stats to favorite them.

Q:I finished an event but didn’t get the medal or the casket, how do i get them?

A: Click/tap on the Casket Icon to the right of the Trophies on your map. This will bring up the Rewards - you will see 3 Tabs there:

Medals - this is where you will find the medals you've earned for completing the event

Caskets - this is where you will find all the caskets you've earned, click/tap on any of them and choose use to set it as your casket for your desktop

Gallery - this is where you will find the pictures you've earned for banishing the event monsters