Game & Chat Abbreviations

Game and Chat Abbreviations

Are you completely baffled and left wondering what certain player coined phrases could possibly mean?

Well, wonder no more! Provided below is a glossary of game abbreviations and terms often used in the Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood game and forums.

Glossary of Game Abbreviations and TermsEdit

Listed below are some of the more common abbreviations and terms used by Seeker's Notes players in the game and forums:

  • CFB - See Facebook, alerting friends to check Facebook for messages.
  • Charging - Visit Friends maps by clicking/tapping on their icon and charge their map by clicking/tapping on any of the Hidden Object locations, puzzles, crafters, and trophies. Your friends will get the benefit of your talent and you will receive the daily bonus rewards and various random collection items for visiting. 
  • Chicken - Refers to the Golden Chicken Artifact which gives 10x energy recovery rate for 1 day and completely restores energy upon activation.
  • CI: Collection Item. Located on the Collections Window tab. You can gift up to ten per day, parceling them out to one friend or dividing them among 10 friends. Please be aware that the collection items come out of your inventory. Please see the List of Collection Items and Gifting Friends articles for more information.
  • Fixers: Items needed to combine Collections and Artifacts. The List of Fixers lists all of the fixers currently available in the game.
  • FM: Forged Mask. Refers to the Forged Mask Artifact which gives +50% chances of winning Winding Keys and Diagrams when exploring locations.
  • Free gift: A gift that you can give to friends at no cost to you (free). When you enter the Friends menu, all items listed in the "Send" tab are free to gift. They won't come out of your inventory, thus you can always give these, regardless of whether you yourself have one or not in your inventory. However, they are restricted by level. You are allowed one free gift daily per friend up to fifty friends. 
  • FL: Friends List. A list of all the people whom you have accepted as friends in your game.
  • Giftable: Items (Collection Items and Fixers) that can be given as gifts. These are designated with a green plus mark sign beside the item, indicating that the item can be wish listed and sent as gifts.
  • GG: Gabby Gamers game forum.
  • GOT: Refers to the Guardian Of Time talisman which increases the chances of receiving Collection Items and Fixers when exploring Hidden Object Locations and Puzzle games by 10% and decreases energy consumption by 10% for 10 days.
  • Keys: Refers to the Special Items known  as Access Passes that are needed to enter and play certain room locations. These can be gifted as free gifts and are found on the "Send" tab of "Gifts", scroll to the very end of the tab to see them.
  • Reputation - Your reputation bar is displayed when visiting a friend's map. Increase your reputation by visitng and charging friends' maps, which is indicated by the little blue bird symbols when you click/tap on locations and trophies in their map. The higher your reputation level, the more friends you can visit and the more bonus rewards you can claim upon visiting.
  • SN: Seeker's Notes Mysteries of Darkwood game.
  • SS or SSHM: Secret Society Hidden Mystery game.
  • Talent: Every player is assigned one of four talents : Joker, Accountant, Keeper, and Ranger. Find your talent by clicking/tapping Friends Tab>Top 100>Friends Only>Your Avatar.
  • TT: Time Travel. Manipulation of the Date & Time settings on a device, allowing the player to refill the energy bar, gift beyond the daily limits, and collect the trophies for reagents, access passes, etc.
  • TY gifts: Thank You gifts. The gifts you receive from friends as thanks for sending them a gift (the friend clicking "Thank" after accepting your free gift or by hitting the "Accept all and say thanks" button). These thank you gifts will appear as blue striped wrapped presents in your inventory. These gifts are randomly chosen by the game system, do NOT come out of your inventory and are usually a free fixer.
  • WL: Wish List. Wish Lists make it easy to let people know what gifts you'd like to receive. You can wish list any collection item or fixer that has a green plus sign beside it.
  • WR: Waiting Room. Refers to the "Waiting" tab under "Friends", where people who have requested to be friends wait for acceptance.
  • XP: EXperience Points. A unit of measurement used to quantify your progression through the game. Gain XP by completing quests and visiting friends.
  • x: The "times" symbol as in 10x.

Glossary of Chat and Messaging ExpressionsEdit

Listed below are some of the more common chat expressions often used when messaging in-game or in chats where brevity is a virtue:

  • 2MORO - Tomorrow.
  • 2NITE - Tonight.
  • AFK - Away From Keyboard.
  • AKA - Also Known As.
  • ATM - At The Moment.
  • BBL - Be Back Later.
  • BCNU - Be Seeing You.
  • BFF - Best Friends Forever
  • BRB - Be Right Back.
  • BTW - By The Way.
  • CYA - See Ya.
  • FBSN - Face Book Seeker's Notes
  • FWIW - For What It's Worth
  • GRATZ - Congratulations.
  • GR8 - Great.
  • IMHO - In My Humble/Honest Opinion
  • JK - Just Kidding.
  • KIK - "LOL" for the typing-impaired aka a typo.
  • L8R - Later.
  • LOL - Laughing Out Loud.
  • LMFAO - Laughing My Ass Off. A stronger version of LOL.
  • NVM - Never Mind.
  • NP - No Problem.
  • OIC - Oh, I See.
  • OMG - Oh My Goodness! or Oh My Gosh! or Oh My God! depending on your comfort level.
  • OP - Original Poster, the person who started a discussion thread.
  • OT - Off Topic.
  • POV - Point Of View.
  • RL - Real Life.
  • ROFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing. A stronger version of LOL.
  • ROFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off. Stronger even.
  • TLC - Tender Loving Care
  • TTFN - Ta Ta For Now.
  • TTYL - Talk To You Later.
  • TY - Thank You.
  • TYT - Take Your Time.
  • TYVM - Thank You Very Much.
  • W8 - Wait
  • WB - Welcome Back.
  • WTG - Way To Go.
  • WTT - Want To Trade.
  • XOXO - Hugs and Kisses.

~~Please feel free to add to the above lists~~