Haunted Lights Puzzle Icon

Haunted Lights Puzzle Icon

Haunted Lights is the fourth puzzle mini-game unlocked in the Seeker's Notes: Mystery of Darkwood game. It was introduced to the game with the 2016 Saint Patrick's Day Update.

Haunted Lights is a variation of the match/connect 3 of the same type puzzle game. Players unlock this mini-game once they reach Game Level 10.

How to Play Edit

The object of the game is to complete the given challenge within a set amount of time. The board will automatically reshuffle itself if no connection/match is possible.

There are 3 challenge modes in Haunted Lights. Tapping on the icon will tell you what mode is on and what you need to do to win the game in that mode.

Mode Icon Aim
Plates Mode
HL Plates Mode
Make a row of lightbulbs and collect all the plates
Palette Mode
HL Palette Mode
Collect lightbulbs of a certain color
Cameo Mode
HL Cameo Mode
Get all the Cameos into the jewelry boxes below

Clearing the Lightbulbs Edit

(1) To clear the lightbulbs in Haunted Lights, create a line connecting 3 or more of the same colored lightbulbs.

HL Connect 3

Connect 3 lightbulbs in a line

(2) Connect 6 or more of the same colored lightbulbs to create a Special Charged Lightbulb that appears randomly on the field of play.

  • Connect 6 or more
  • Creates a charge
  • Which randomly lands and becomes a Special Charged Lightbulb

(3) Connect a Special Charged Lightbulb in a string of 3 or more to clear an entire vertical or horizontal row.

NOTE: Whether the lightbulb will be a vertically or horizontally charged one depends on the orientation of the line connecting the last lightbulb in the sequence.

If the last line is vertical, a vertically charged bulb is created and connecting that charged bulb in a string of 3 or more will clear an entire column.

  • Last connecting line is vertical
  • Creates a vertically charged bulb
  • Connect that special vertically charged bulb
  • Clears an entire vertical row/column

If the last line is horizontal, a horizontally charged bulb is created and connecting that charged bulb in a string of 3 or more will clear an entire row.

  • Last connecting line is horizontal
  • Creates a charge
  • Which randomly lands and becomes a Special Horizontally Charged Lightbulb
  • Connect that special horizontally charged bulb
  • Clears an entire horizontal row

If the last line is diagonal, then a randomly charged vertical or horizontal lightbulb is created.

  • Last line connecting bulbs is diagonal
  • Creates a random charged lightbulb

(4) Combine 2 or more of the Special Charged Lightbulbs so that their blast lines intersect, this clears multiple rows/columns at the same time.

Intersecting Multiples

Combining intersecting Special charged lightbulbs to clear multiple rows

Obstacles Edit

Listed below are the obstacles encountererd in Haunted Lights.

Chains: To break the chain, create a line which ends with the chained lightbulb. This will remove the chain around the lightbulb which now can be cleared in the usual manner.

HL Chain Break

Break a chained lightbulb by connecting it last in a line

Stones: There are three types of stone plates.

Stone Obstacles

Showing the 3 types of stone obstacle plates in the game

The top stone plate can be cleared by joining adjacent lightbulbs or by triggering a row/column blast. The middle and bottom stone plates always need to have a lightbulb placed in it before they can be cleared.

Tools Edit

Two tools are available for use in Haunted Lights:

  • Flying Time adds an additional 45 seconds of game play
  • Eyeglass

Collection Item SetsEdit

Listed below are the Collection Item sets specific to the Haunted Lights puzzle. note a random special fixer is also awarded when a collection is combined for the first time.

Collection Name Item Created Coins Earned Rewards Giftable Collection?
Electric Circuit Electric Circuit 250 Metronome x5 Yes
Maze Experiment Maze 250 Belgian Waffles x1 Yes
Firearms Rifle 250 Magic Box x1 Yes
Weather Forecast Weather Balloon 250 Lightning in a Bottle x3 Yes

Hints/Tips Edit

Coming soon ...

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