Happy New Year

MyTona Happy New Year Art

From the Publisher MyTona, ring in the New Year with an ice skating competition! Wake the residents of Darkwood out of their hibernation with some festive fun and happiness amid the dreary depths of winter.

Ice Dancing went live on January 4, 2017. It arrived just a day after the Snowy Fairy Tale event ended and it unlocked access to the new Hidden Object Location first glimpsed in the Christmas updates - Winter Park. The format follows the previous Enchanted Harvest and Snowy Fairy Tale special event updates in terms of game play with similar quests and creatures to banish.

Ice Dancing Timed Challenge Edit

This special event is available to players from Level 11 and up. Players have 29 days to complete the 3 new tasks in Ice Dancing to win its unique rewards.

Ice Dancing Avatars

Ice Dancing Avatars

(1) Reach 'Virtuoso' Rank on the new Hidden Object Location 'Winter Park' to win the 2 unique game event Avatars. The male and female avatars are dressed in warm winter clothes suited for a day spent skating outdoors in the newly opened Winter Park ice rink. They are perfect reminders of the successful completion of the ice Dancing challenge. The new Avatars go directly into the Player's Avatar options and may be accessed by tapping on the current Avatar on the top left hand corner of the Darkwood Town Map.

Enchanted Snowflake

Enchanted Snowflake talisman and Snow Grace Casket

(2) Complete all 30 special event quests to win the Enchanted Snowflake talisman and the commemorative Snow Grace casket. The Enchanted Snowflake talisman regenerates energy 5 times faster for 1 day. The new talisman goes directly to inventory and is found in the Talismans tab of the Inventory Window. The Snow Grace Casket is a commemorative decoration for the desktop and is found on the Casket tab of the Player's current desktop Casket Icon.

Ice Chest and Winter Guardian Picture

Ice Chest and Guardians of the Cold Picture

(3) Collect 100 Berry Branches by banishing the new event Monsters to win the Ice Chest and receive the Guardians of the Cold picture. The new chest contains 1 Shot of Vigor, 1 Fire Crystal, 5 Eyeglass, 5 Lightning in a Bottle, 5 Magic Lantern, 5 Flying Time, 3 Strawberry Pudding, 2 Rainbow Hard Candies, and 1 Hot Chocolate. The Ice Chest goes directly to inventory and is found in the Chests tab of the Inventory Window. The picture is an image of the 3 new creatures of this update and is found by tapping on the desktop casket and choosing the Gallery tab.

Completion of the Ice Dancing challenge will award the Player with the Golden Ice Skate Medal. The new medal will go into the Player's Medals tab in the Casket Icon.

Event Quests and Collection Items Edit

The update brings 100 new quests and collections items/fixers:

  • Winter Decorations
  • A Pair for Everyone
  • Cold Dishes
  • Yeti Treasures
  • Winter Treasures

Event Creatures Edit

The Guardians of the Cold are 3 new creatures to banish:

  • Rascal Penguin who hogs the ice rink preventing the Darkwood residents from skating.
  • Northern Eagle-owl who has a strange love of headwear and steals hats from unsuspecting Darkwood residents.
  • Wild Goat who loves to wreak chaos and havoc while dressed in a fur coat.
Winter Guardians

The Guardians of the Cold

Banishing requirements follow the previous established pattern for banishing event creatures. Banishing them will award the new fixers required to combine the new collections. These creatures will disappear as soon as the event is over, either by the completion of the Ice Dancing challenge or by time running out.

Gingerbread Men Challenge Edit

Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men Challenge

This special mini-event challenge is available to players from Level 7 and up. Players have 10 days starting from January 5, 2017 to complete the challenge of collecting a certain amount of Gingerbread Men in order to win the special rewards. Gingerbread Men are found by successfully playing either the Treasure Box or Haunted Lights puzzles, awarding anywhere from 3 to 6 Gingerbread Men per win.

  • Collect 25 Gingerbread Men to win 1 Frosted Muffins
  • Collect 125 Gingerbread Men to win 1 Berry Punch
  • Collect 250 Gingerbread Men to win 1 Fire Crystal
  • Collect 400 Gingerbread Men to win 1 Foxberry Cheesecake
  • Collect 600 Gingerbread Men to win 1 Shot of Vigor

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