Collections combine

A collection that is ready to combine/trade.

Below is a complete list of collections currently available in the Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood game, that includes each item needed to combine that collection.

They are listed in the order they appear in the Collections Window.

As you play Hidden Object Locations and Puzzles in the game, you will collect different Collection items as rewards for winning games. These are used to combine Collections in order to collect rewards.

Combining collections is the act of using 1 of each of the 5 collection items for a particular collection in order to make a new item (displayed on the right of the collection). Fixers are combining elements required, in addition to the 5 collection items, in order to combine the collection. 'Combining' the collection is sometimes referred to as 'Trading' or 'Exchanging' the collection in the game, but is not related to Trading items with Townspeople.

The rewards for combining each Collection are listed along with the Collection's name and the item created by combining the collection. Follow the links to the individual pages on each collection to get more details about them.

Use the 'find' function on your browser to search for collections that award items you need. For example if you are short on energy points, use 'find' to search for food items that can be used to increase your energy points such as Truffles, Coffee a la Vienne, Belgian Waffles, Cake, Salad or Grilled Fish.

Note: This table is very large because it lists each collection item within each collection. This is to enable people to search for a collection based on the name of a collection item they have found or are looking for as part of a quest. Use the List of Collections page if you already know the name of the collection you are looking for and are simply looking for information on the rewards for combining the collection or the Fixer (combining element) requirements. For a complete list of Fixers needed to combine each Collection, use the List of Fixers (combining elements) page, and for a complete list of locations that collection items can be found in the game (including quest locations), use the List of Collection Item Locations page.

Note 2: The Foggy Ship Update has introduced non-giftable Collection Items to the game. This means that not all Collections have Green Plus signs now. Some Collection items cannot be added to your Wish List as they do not have a green plus sign next to them in the Collection's Window. These items cannot be gifted to other players under any circumstances - they will not appear in the 'Collection' tab of the gifting window, so you cannot use that tab to bypass not being able to gift the item from a Friend's Wish List.

For ease in identifying these Collections (to save time if trying to figure out whether an item can be sent or not), a new column has been added to this list called 'Giftable Collection?'. Collections that cannot be gifted are now also highlighted in blue in the list. Collections with the blue background as you scroll are those that cannot be gifted between Friends. Collections with the regular grey/white background as you scroll can still be gifted between Friends.

List of CollectionsEdit

As of the Halloween Update (October 2015), there are 108 collections in the game:

Page Collection Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item Created Coins Earned Rewards Reward Type Giftable Collection?
1 Stationary Kit Notebook Fountain Pen Ink Paperweight Letter Opener Stationary Kit 500 Owl Figurine x1 Talismans Yes
1 Family Heirlooms Oak Walking Stick Bag with Secret Pocket Antique Chest Antique Medallion Crest-Shaped Seal Mystery Ring 750 Lightning in a Bottle x1 Tools Yes
2 Lost Languages Mayan Disk Egyptian Fresco Tangut Script Aztec Stone Celtic Runes Lost Language 1000 Eyeglass x1 Tools Yes
2 Hunting Bow Wooden Base Horn Insert Bowstring Bracer Arrows Hunter's Bow 1250 Lucky Coin x1 Talismans Yes
3 Tasty Baked Goods Baguette Croissant Fruitcake Apple Pie Cheesecake Layer Cake 1500 Lightning in a Bottle x2 Tools Yes
3 Reporter's Satchel Camera Quill Pen Binoculars Typewriter Reporter's Notes Reporter's Satchel 1750 Eyeglass x1 Tools Yes
4 Band of Knights Squire Lance Knight Knight with Halberd Knight with Mace Knight with Warhammer Horseman 2000 All-Seeing Eye x1 Talismans Yes
4 Ancient Ciphers Scytale Aeneas's Line Cardan Grille Caesar Cipher Wheel Cipher Book of Ciphers 2250 Torch x2 Monster Banishing Yes
5 Spy Equipment Viewer Listener Sniffer Cat's-Eye Binoculars Dowsing Device Magic Pendulum 2500 Spinning Top x2 Talismans Yes
5 Tea Set Cup Saucer Teapot Creamer Sugar Bowl Tea Set 2750 Thunder Amulet x2 Talismans Yes
6 Precious Crystals Seven Seas Crystal Dwarven Depths Crystal Fiery Crystal of Ra Amour Crystal Witches Creek' Crystal Middle-Earth Crystal 3000 Club x2 Monster Banishing Yes
6 Basket of Food Jug of Milk Bread Butter Cheese Roast Basket of Food 3250 Truffles x1 Energy Yes
7 Legends of Asgard Odin's Eyepatch Valkyrie's Helmet Loki's Shoes Yggdrasil Root Giant's Club Thor's Hammer 3500 Magic Lantern x1 Tools Yes
7 Dynastic Records Photo Album King's Deed Family Portrait Ancestor's Portrait Nostromo Codex Genealogical Tree 3750 Lightning in a Bottle x2 Tools Yes
8 Chemistry Set Respirator Burner Test Tubes Dropper Glass Tube Chemistry Set 4000 Magic Lantern x1 Tools Yes
8 Silverware Teaspoon Fork Knife Tablespoon Sugar Tongs Napkin Holder 4250 Head Mirror x1 Anomaly Dispelling Yes
9 Valuable Cufflinks Silver Cufflinks Emerald Cufflinks Amber Cufflinks Ruby Cufflinks Bone Cufflinks Gold Cufflinks 4500 Flying Time x2 Tools Yes
9 Sports Equipment Shuttlecock Cricket Ball Billiard Ball Rugby Ball Tennis Ball Leather Ball 4750 Lightning in a Bottle x3 Tools Yes
10 Ancient Plate Pedestal Plate Base Plate Frame Left Plate Fragment Right Plate Fragment Ancient Plate 5000 Lightning in a Bottle x3 Tools Yes
10 Herbal Tea Hawthorn Berries Plantain Chamomile Nettles Rose Hips Hearbal Tea 5250 Eyeglass x2 Tools Yes
11 Ben's Things Ben's Cap Ben's Slingshot Ben's Shoes Ben's Badge Ben's Neckerchief Ben's Sack 5500 Flask of Fireflies x2 Anomaly Dispelling No
11 Relaxation Incense Fountain Japanese Mini-Garden Newton's Cradle Zoetrope Hypnotist's Medallion 5750 Coffee a la Vienne x1 Energy Yes
12 Legacy of the Olympians Zeus's Lightning Bolt Poseidon's Trident Ares's Spear Hermes's Sandals Hera's Diadem Prometheus's Fire 6000 Flying Time x3 Tools Yes
12 Venetian Masks Bauta Mask Pierrot Mask Joker Mask Colombina Mask Cat Mask Butterfly Mask 6250 Coffee a la Vienne x1 Energy Yes
13 Tarot Deck Power Star Sun World Fool Tarot Deck 6500 Magic Lantern x2 Tools Yes
13 Telescope Tripod Tube Small Lens Large Lens Angle Bracket Fixing Device Telescope 6750 Flask of Fireflies x3 Anomaly Dispelling Yes
14 Secret Teachings Alchemy Book Astrology Book Potion-Making Book Palmistry Book Numerology Book Book of Prophecies 7000 Piggy Bank x2 Talismans Yes
14 Schoolbag Chalk Blackboard Textbook Ruler Abacus Schoolbag 7250 Ancient Scroll x2 Talismans Yes
15 Pirate Gear Wooden Leg Pirate Sword Hook Parrot Jolly Roger Pirate Hat 7500 Eyeglass x1 Tools Yes
15 Cunning Disguise False Mustache Fake Nose Sunglasses Wig Makeup Disguise 7750 Belgian Waffles x1 Energy No
16 Great Books Codex Leicester Shakespeare's Plays Natural History The Decameron The Divine Comedy The Iliad 8000 Head Mirror x3 Anomaly Dispelling Yes
16 Lady's Things Gloves Purse Hat with Flowers Glass Slippers Corset Dress 8250 Rock Crusher x3 Anomaly Dispelling No
17 Hunting Dogs Affenpinscher Welsh Corgi Beagle Basenji St. Bernard Rottweiller 8500 Lightning in a Bottle x5 Tools Yes
17 Electric Circuit Storage Battery Switch Cable Relay Fuse Electric Circuit 8750 Metronome x5 Anomaly Dispelling No
18 Fine Cups Wooden Cup Clay Cup Iron Cup Silver Cup Copper Cup Golden Cup Belgian Waffles x1 Energy Yes
18 Fishing Tackle Rod Bobber Fishing Line Fishing Hook Lure Fishing Pole Eyeglass x5 Tools Yes
19 Hunting Traps Bells Mousetrap Log Trap Branches Bird Lime Trap Torch x5 Monster Banishing Yes
19 Rare Coins Tetradrachm Louise d'or Siberian Coin Hashimi Dinar Flowing Hair Dollar Double Leopard 1500 Eyeglass x2 Tools Yes
20 Bowl of Cookies ABC cookies Oatmeal Cookies Stroopwafels Ladyfingers Madeleine Bowl of Cookies 2000 Magic Lantern x2 Tools Yes
20 Ancient Treasure Map Shovel Pickaxe Candle Detector Unearthed Chest 2500 Flying Time x5 Tools Yes
21 Golden Armor Golden helmet Golden Pauldrons Golden Greaves Golden Gauntlets Golden Chestplate Golden Armor Lightning in a Bottle x5 Tools Yes
21 Amazing Insects Electric Beetle Snowflake Butterfly Fire Dragonfly Crystal Grasshopper Rainbow Bee Golden Praying Mantis Magic Lantern x4 Tools No
22 Hunting Guns Culverin Handgun Arquebus Musket Revolver Rifle Magic Box x1 Talismans; Chests No
22 Musical Instruments Tambourine Flute Recorder Drum Accordion Lute 8000 Belgian Waffles x1 Energy Yes
23 Toy Box Tin Soldier Toy Train Kaleidoscope Hobbyhorse Rollerskates Toy Box Tool Kit x1 Tools; Chests No
23 Greatest Invention Wheels Frame Seat Pedals Handlebars Bicycle N/A All-Seeing Eye x2; Eagle Eye x2 Talismans Yes
24 Maze Experiment Cage White Mouse Mouse Food Notepad Pencil Maze 15000 Belgian Waffles x1 Energy No
24 Model Town House Trees Mountain Mansion Statue Model Town 9500 Flying Time x5 Tools Yes
25 Navigator's Kit Spyglass Sextant Captain's Log Compass Chronometer World Map Gold Thread x25 Special Items (Clothing Store) Yes
25 Weather Forecast Balloon Rope Spool Ballast Meteorograph Weather Balloon Lightning in a Bottle x5 Tools No
26 Circus Tent Tenpins Throwing knives Springboard Kettlebells Tricycle Tent 10000 Gold Thread x50 Special Items (Clothing Store) Yes
26 Holiday Fireworks Party Popper Firecracker Sparklers Roman Candle Catherine Wheel Fireworks Magic Lantern x2 Tools Yes
27 Shaman's Ritual Stone Idol Totem Wicker Man Black Candle Ceremonial Bone Shaman's Mask 10000 Gold Thread x75 Special Items (Clothing Store) Yes
27 Gentleman's Things Cane Top Hat Bow Tie Pocket Watch Dress Shoes Vest Magic Lantern x4 Tools Yes
28 Ammunition Gunpowder Wadding Shot Cartridge Case Funnel Cartridge Gold Thread x100 Special Items (Clothing Store) Yes
28 Traditions of the Celetial Empire Porcelain Vase Silk Dress Jade Turtle Chinese Fan Green Tea Stone Lion Unifier's Chest x1 Fixers; Chests Yes
29 Detective's Kit Adhesive Tape Forceps Paper Bags Powder Brush Fingerprints 10000 Coffee a la Vienne x1 Energy Yes
29 Exploring the Catacombs Boots Rope Kerosene Coat Catacombs Map Headpiece with lamp 10250 Piggy Bank x1 Talismans Yes
30 Policeman's Things Night Stick Handcuffs Holster Policeman's Helmet Whistle Badge 10500 Lantern x30 Special Items (Garden) Yes
30 Purebred Cats Siamese Cat Sphinx Russian Blue British Shorthair Turkish Angora Bengal Cat 10750 Eagle Eye x1 Talismans Yes
31 Still Life Squirrel-Hair Brush Oil Paints Palette Canvas Easel Still Life Belgian Waffles x1 Energy Yes
31 Warm Scarf Knitting Needles Balls of Yarn Crochet Hook Circular Needles Basket Warm Scarf Ancient Scroll x1 Talismans Yes
32 Dollhouse Toy Vanity Toy Dresser Toy Table Toy Couch Toy Bed Dollhouse Eagle Eye x1 Talismans Yes
32 Fine Fragrance Rose Garden Lavender Sunrise Harmony of the Sun Sylvia Seaside Sonata Beautiful Fairy Truffles x1 Energy No
33 Shadow Play Red Lantern White Sheet Girl Puppet Warrior Puppet Dragon Puppet Monkey Puppet Trufffles x1 Energy No
33 Chocolate Fondue Orange Strawberries Cherries Pear Pineapple Chocolate Fondue Coffee a la Vienne x1 Energy No
34 Magician's Tools Magic Wand Hat with Rabbit Juggling Balls Magic Rings Endless Handkerchiefs Magic Box Belgian Waffles x1 Energy No
34 Indian Costume Feather Headdress Indian Breastplate Leather Vest Chamois Trousers Quiver with Arrows Totem Carved Box x1 Collection items No
35 Rescue Mission Creeping Vine Climbing Boots Candle Lantern Leather Gloves Glass Cutter Sleep Powder Ancient Scroll x1 Talismans No
35 Rare Exhibits Cave Drawings Egyptian Princess Diadem Manuscript Page Viking Cup Celtic Harp Black Mirror Eagle Eye x1 Talismans No
36 Engraved Spell Silver Spoon Personalized Pen Precious Cigar Case Watch Pendant Gold Ring Parchment from the Book of Shadows Piggy Bank x1 Talismans Yes
36 Special Equipment Spy Binoculars Galileo's Spyglass Dry Ice Magical Pinwheel Windmill Bubble Blower Thunder Amulet x1 Talismans Yes
37 Flower Garden Hyrangeas Hibiscuses Tulips Daisies Peonies Cherub Sculpture Gold Thread x75 Special Items No
37 Memorable Figurines Ceramic Cat Porcelain Ballerina Wooden Horse Bronze Boy Silver Napoleon Golden Founding Father Lantern x75 Special Items Yes
38 Mayoral Inauguration Mayoral Election Tapestry Mayor's Oath Mayor's Codex Darkwood Crest Ceremonial Mantle Mayoral Scepter of Power Theater Ticket x75 Special Items Yes
38 Steam Robot Robot Body Robot Arms Robot Legs Robot Head Robot Backpack Steam Robot Belgian Waffles x2 Energy No
39 Romantic Surprise Lemon Cake Novel "Jane Eyre" Sewing Kit Music Box Basket of Lillies Pearl Pendant Eyeglass x5 Tools Yes
39 Memories of Harry Sands of Time Unusual Acorns Clay Whistle Model Ghost Ship Pencil Drawing Ring with Lock Lightning in a Bottle x5 Tools No
40 Recovered Clues Medallion Fragment Grapevine Leaves Woolen Thread Pâté Candy Wrapper on String Copied Footprint Magic Lantern x5 Tools Yes
40 Seeking Annabelle Annabelle's Jumpsuit Annabelle's Toy Pâté Sandwich Annabelle's Bow Annabelle's Collar Annabelle the Dog Flying Time x5 Tools No
41 Academic Treasures Unicorn Horn Lock of Mermaid Hair Plague Mask Fire Dragon Feather Casket of Potions Knight's Medallion Tool Kit x1 Tools Yes
41 Medallion of Power First Chain Piece Second Chain Piece Third Chain Piece Fourth Chain Piece Medallion Mayor's Medallion of Power Master's Box x1 Fixers No
42 Signs of a Pirate Pirate Figurine Pirate's Mug Cannonball Detached Ship's Wheel Old Anchor Map Fragment N/A Piece of Eight x10 Special Items Yes
42 Ship's Treasure Sapphire Broach Priceless Goblet Diamond Necklace King's Crown Gold Bar Sack of Diamonds N/A Piece of Eight x15 Special Items Yes
43 Ben's Collection Lucky Rock Mermaid Shell Lilac Starfish Silver Coral Goldfish Message in a Bottle N/A Piece of Eight x20 Special Items Yes
43 Real Sailor Paper Ship Sailor's Knot Red Flags Tuna Sandwich Ship's Gong Sailor's Cap N/A Piece of Eight x25 Special Items Yes
44 Ghost Hunting Black Thread Thermometer Pendulum Camera Cat Ouija Board N/A Piece of Eight x30 Special Items Yes
44 Terrifying Treats Witch's Fingers Witch's Fire Ghostly Soufflé Sugar Bones Scary Spiderweb Pie Haunted House Cake N/A Candy Cauldron x10 Special Items No
45 Undead Masquerade Mummy Chess Queen Bloody Countess Frankenstein Headless Rider Lost Bride N/A Candy Cauldron x15 Special Items No
45 Halloween Ambiance Old Record Festive Bunting Candelabra with Candles Dice Rose in Bell Golden Door Handle N/A Candy Cauldron x20 Special Items No
46 Mysterious Hobbies Lace Cloak Enchanting Mirror Dreamcatcher Bell of Banishment Ouija Table Chest of Wandering Souls N/A Candy Cauldron x25 Special Items No
46 Precious Panel Emeralds Sapphires Topazes Garnets Diamonds Precious Panel N/A Candy Cauldron x30 Special Items No
47 Property of Gordon Byron Gordon's Note Torn Photograph Diary Page Key Amulet Ball Invitation Embroidered Handkerchief Eyeglass x5 Tools Yes
47 Treasured Hobbies Kite Detective's Kit Ancient Fern Cowboy Lure Map of the Night Sky "Balloon" Painting Lightning in a Bottle x5 Tools Yes
48 Childhood Memories Violin Elegant Dress Suit Dessert Plate Herbarium Mini Book Collection Alice in Wonderland Magic Lantern x5 Tools Yes
48 Hot on the Trail Bolivar Top Hat Dondorf Playing Cards Leather Wallet Mustache Wax Neckerchief Claudette Meringues Flying Time x5 Tools No
49 Independent Investigation Newspaper File Archival Files Archival Photo Album Dossier of Suspects Genealogy Notes Cruise Liner Ticket Ancient Scroll x2 Talismans No
49 Timely Intervention Sledgehammer Iron ax Kindling Willow Branch Piece of Bark Burning Log Eagle Eye x2 Talismans Yes
50 Secret Hideaway Curly Wig False Beard Pince-nez High-Society Doublet High Society Etiquette Gordon Byron Portrait Piggy Bank x2 Talismans No
50 Friendly Parcels Finger Puppets Fantasy Snow Globe Uncle Sam Money Box Humpty Dumpty Candy Toy Carousel Knitted Sweater Thunder Amulet x2 Talismans No
51 Unusual Rarities Glass Buttons Silkworm Thread Bamboo Book Precious Ink Locket Bracelet Sword in the Stone Hand Mirror x6 Anomaly Dispelling No
51 Forest Finds Red Ribbon Folded Newspaper Piece of Bread Matchbox Scrap of Clothing Map on Bark Rock Crusher x6 Anomaly Dispelling No
52 Elizabeth Artifacts Passenger List Suitcase Redingote Ring in Box Gold Watch Life Jacket Flask of Fireflies x6 Anomaly Dispelling No
52 Dangerous Discoveries Shining Mushroom Growth Promoter Laughing Gas Microbe of Gluttony Love Powder Portable Lightning Metronome x6 Anomaly Dispelling No
53 True Hobbies Dickens Book Hand-Carved Figurine Chess Set Coffee Beans Harmonica Folder of Sketches Belgian Waffles x2 Energy No
53 Flawless Alibi Check for the Server Men's Perfume Bouquet of Flowers Men's Shoes Theater Binoculars King Costume Carved Box x1 Collection Items; Chests No
54 Buried Past Hairbrush Rags of Clothing Broken Boot Begging Cup Shappy Knapsack Prison Patch Master's Box x1 Fixers; Chests No
54 Failed Actor Ventriloquism Puppet Autograph Collection Theater Posters Costume Sketches Costume Pattern Prop Man's Business Card Thunder Amulet x3 Talismans No
55 Tree Decorations Baubles Tinsel Ginger Biscuits Fresh Apples Five-Pointed Star Decorated Tree Gingerbread tree x10 Special Items No
55 Gifts for Friends Nutcracker Ballerina Teddy Bear Christmas Angel Christmas Dwarf Sack of Gifts Gingerbread tree x15 Special Items No
56 Lady Bryon's Holiday Feast Pudding Gingerbread House Panforte Candies Holiday Turkey Eggnog Holiday Feast Gingerbread tree x20 Special Items No
56 Holiday Show Christmas Cracker Candy Cane Christmas Wreath Snow Fairy Rain of Confetti Sled with Gifts Gingerbread tree x25 Special Items No
57 Mayor Smallcat's Christmas Ice Skates Christmas Stocking Book of Christmas Carols Christmas Fairy Tales Christmas Candle Snow Globe Gingerbread tree x30 Special Items No
57 Into the Mine Gas Mask Miner's Lamp Miner's Suit Miner's Lunch Backpack Sprayer Sheltie Cake x2 Energy Yes
58 Adventure in the Mine Barbed Wire Plan of the Mine Oil Can Phosphorus Stone Live Resin Chemical Cocktail Coffee a la Vienne x2 Energy Yes
58 Searching for the Scientist Scientist's Glasses Scientist's Wasitcoat Scientist's Briefcase Portable Lab Diving Suit Oil Burner Ancient Scroll x2 Talismans No
59 Rare Collection Meteorite Fragment Rainbow Orb Crystal Cube Emerald Egg Moon's Eye Heart of the Cave Eagle Eye x1 Talismans Yes
59 Treacherous Path Newton's Dynamite Garden Shears Crompton's Pliers Saw Garlic Tincture Homemade Telephone Piggy Bank x1 Talismans No
60 Mine's Treasure Giant's Cauldron Dwarf's Treasure Box Seeds of Babylon Edelweiss Mirror Stalactite Datura Well Thunder Amulet x1 Talismans No
60 Well Rescue Rope Rope Ladder Towel Warm Blanket Clay Lid Golden Amulet Eyeglass x5 Tools No
61 The Great Alchemist Enchanter's Potion Elixir of Life Demon Blade Magic of Time The Art of Potion - Making Arcane Pentagram Lightning in a Bottle x5 Tools No
61 Mysterious Symbols Fire of the Sages Onyx Phoenix Dragon's Might Necromortis Oracle's Star White Countercure Magic Lantern x5 Tools No
62 Landmark Inventions Mechanical Pedometer Stain Detector Longviewer Hermes's Drink Citric Acid Hang Glider Flying Time x5 Tools No
62 Clues to the Treasure Crystal Map Mine Opening Photo Danger Sign Old Tea Set Clip-On Earrings Thompson's Treasure Coffee a la Vienne x2 Energy Yes


To date, not every Talisman; Special Item; Monster Banishing or Energy Item can be gained by combining collections. For example, of the available Energy Items, only Truffles (+30 energy points); Coffee a la Vienne (+50 energy); and Belgian Waffles (+100 energy) can be won by combining collections. Of the Special Items, 4 collections reward Gold Threads (needed to play clothing Store) and 1 collection rewards Lanterns (needed to play Garden). No collections reward Theater Tickets (needed to play Dressing Room).

Tools are the most common type of reward.