Game boad HO locations

The Darkwood Town Map with Hidden Object Locations marked in blue.

The following is a list of currently available Hidden Object Locations in the Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery game.

As of December 2017, there are now 47 Hidden Object Locations available to play. These Locations are interspersed among the game's 4 Puzzles and 3 Crafting Stations in a grid of 1 row of 8, 1 row of 10, 1 row of 12 and 1 row of 9, from top to bottom, on the Darkwood Town Map.

At the beginning of a new game, only one Location, 'Cafe' is unlocked.

Progressing through the game unlocks additional Hidden Object Locations.

List of PicturesEdit

Listed below are the Hidden Object Locations, the level required to unlock each one, and whether an access pass is required to enter and play them.

Note: A new Hidden Object Location is unlocked every 3 levels. Museum is out of sequence due to the location being introduced during a special event challenge, before the event ended and the challenge rooms (House of Toys and Winter Park) were assigned levels.

No. Location Name Level Access Pass Required
1 Cafe 0 None
2 Mayor's Office 1 None
3 Train Station 3 None
4 Alley 6 None
5 Ballroom 9 None
6 Clothing Store 12 Gold Thread
7 Marketplace 15 None
8 Garden 18 Lantern
9 Docks 21 None
10 Dressing Room 24 Theater Ticket
11 Hunter's House 27 None
12 Observatory 30 None
13 Clock Tower 33 None
14 Ship 36 Piece of Eight
15 Shack 39 None
16 Gloomy House 42 Candy Cauldron
17 Mine 45 None
18 Night Street 49 None
19 Dark Forest 51 None
20 Library 54 None
21 Old Square 57 Lock
22 Antique Shop 60 Brooch
23 Theatre 63 None
24 Treasury 66 None
25 Dark Square 69 None
26 Veranda 72 Raindrop
27 House of Toys 78 Bells
28 Winter Park 81 None
29 Museum 75 None
30 Flower Hall 84 None
31 Enigma House 87 Investigators' Badge
32 Circus 90 None
33 Mayor's House 93 None
34 Tree House 96 None
35 Mirror Hall 99 None
36 Villa 102 None
37 Photo Studio 105 None
38 Memory Square 108 None
39 Candy World 111 Chocolate Beans
40 Newsroom 114 None
41 Wonderpark 117 None
42 Grotto 120 None
43 Lair 123 Gremlin Potion
44 Farm 126 None
45 School 129 None
46 Snowy Yard (11) 132 Winter Glimmer
47 Cozy House TBA TBA

Special Item PicturesEdit

Some pictures require special items (aka access passes/keys) in addition to energy points in order to play them. The 2015 Christmas Update changed special items so that they can now be potentially won from every single Hidden Object Location at every single Location Rank.

All the Special Items/ Access Passes can be obtained in the following ways: by winning plays of any Hidden Object Location, by combining certain Collections in the game, as part of a daily bonus for Visiting Friends, given as Free Gifts to Friends, or bought in the Store.

There are currently 12 different Hidden Object Locations that require Special Items, in addition to energy points, for each play. Known as Premium Locations, these include the original 3 Hidden Object Locations added when the game was released, and the 5 new Hidden Object Locations added by subsequent updates to the game. This means that currently 12/44 or one fourth of all Hidden Object Locations require Special items to play:

Additionally, there are 10 Hidden Object Locations introduced in Special Event Updates which once required special items to access, but when the duration of the event ended, the requirements no longer applied and these locations now require only energy points for each play and are locked by level for newer players to the game.

  • Night Street: Originally named Winter Yard and required Gingerbread Trees to play. Added by the Christmas Update (December 2015).
  • Treasury: Originally required Crowns of the Dragon to play. Added by the Lost Treasury Update (September 2016).
  • Dark Square: Originally required Seeker's Candles to play. Added by the Mystery of the Dark Square Update (October 2016).
  • Winter Park: Originally required Ice Cubes to play. Added by the Ice Dancing Update (January 2017).
  • Flower Hall: Originally required Pollen to play. Added by the Flower Festival Update (February 2017).
  • Mayor's House: Originally required Family Rings to play. Added by the Birds Update (April 2017).
  • Mirror Hall: Originally required Mirror Shards to play. Added by the Sorcerer's Spell Update (May 2017).
  • Villa: Originally required Precious Aigrettes to play. Added by the Inviolable Prohibition Update (June 2017).
  • Memory Square: Originally required Coat of Arms Impression to play. Added by the Foundation Holiday Update (July 2017).
  • Farm: Originally required Enchanted Sunflowers to play. Added by the Long Fall Update (November 2017)


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