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In addition to regular Hidden Object games in Darkwood Locations, there are a number of mini-games available to play in the Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood game.

When you start a new game of Seeker's Notes, only the Treasure Box puzzle is open. Progressing through the game unlocks more puzzles. In order to open an unlocked puzzle, a player must complete a quest looking for pieces of the puzzle, normally given as rewards for investigating Hidden Object Locations.

Puzzle Mini-gamesEdit

Puzzles are advanced through the Location Ranks of completion in exactly the same way as Hidden Object Locations. Puzzles require energy points to play, just like HO Locations. As the puzzle's Rank is increased, the amount of energy points required for each play of the puzzle also increases, as does the potential rewards for winning the puzzle.

Each puzzle has it own set of collection items and Fixers to combine collections available to win as rewards for successfully playing them. Quests may ask players to play a puzzle instead of investigate a Locations.

There is a game Achievement for successfully winning a number of puzzles in a row without a failure, and the total number of Puzzle wins (regardless of losses) is included as a category in the Top 100 rankings.

Each puzzle allows the use of 2 of the games regular tools. However, the function of the tool may differ from its function when investigating Locations.

Treasure Box and Haunted Lights are the only Puzzles that contain Game Modes. There are 3 available modes to play in both Puzzles, and those 3 available modes can have either of 2 win conditions (finish within a certain time frame or within a certain number of moves).

List of PuzzlesEdit

As of the Saint Patrick's Day Update (March 2016) there are 4 puzzles available to play: