Mosaic is the second puzzle mini-game unlocked in the Seeker's Notes: Mystery of Darkwood game. It is a picture scramble puzzle type game.

How To PlayEdit

The Player is shown a picture made up of mosaic tiles. The picture will be a cropped snapshot of one of the game's Hidden Object Locations.

Mosaic1 unscrambled

Mosaic normal

Pressing the 'Begin' button will scramble the tiles and start the timer countdown.

Mosaic1 scrambled

Mosaic scrambled

The object of the game is to unscramble the tiles back to the normal picture within the allotted time. To get the picture back to normal, slide the tiles about. A tile may be moved by clicking and dragging on it. Once a tile is in the correct position in the picture, the tile will light up.


Two tools are available for use in Mosaic: Flying Time adds an additional 45 seconds of game play and the Eyeglass which randomly moves a tile into place.


Memorizing the corner tile pieces will help in piecing the picture back together. Or you can take a picture/ screenshot before pressing the begin button to make it easier.