The reason I have identified myself as alevel 15 is that a higher level might post with a better tactic. My tactic is to look at the top 2 corners first after there's any movement on the board. The middle grabs your attention but I always seem to clear the center. The hardest​places to clear are the corners. If you miss the set of colors for the corners, there's no way to win the treasure box. If you use this tactic and fail, you know the combination of colors never appeared. After the corners are cleared, look for ways to get 4 in a row of the same color to get the single color with a white line. Then look to see how you can move the other colors to get the piece in a row to wipe out the whole row. If you activate the color in a row that's already clear... I did that once and realized Iwasted that opportunity...Good luck.

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