• I got a quest to search for two things, then the third quest: Order the mittens from the Blacksmith. What is this new quest?

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    • Do they not show up at the Blacksmith's to be crafted?

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    • no, I got a quest and then another one and then I was asked to go to the Balcksmith with the items whitch the Blacksmith trasformed to mittens

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    • The Merchant Quests should be in 3 steps:

      1. Find the Recipe / Diagram / Plan in the indicated location

      2. Find the ingredients to craft the item as indicated by subsquent quests, Could be 1-4 items, each a separate quest

      3. Once all the ingredients have been found, go to the Merchant and Order the item. Claim the item, after a length of time, to complete the quest

      I think the item obtained in the final quest, the Blacksmith's Mittens is a throwaway. I've completed quite a few of these Merchant Quests this event and have nothing in inventory to show for it!

      Game Name - Hoppy

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    • I've done the mittens and some other items. They just moved the quest off and let something else take it's place. You don't earn anything from it that I know of. I just got the monster that requires a Harp and gives free fixers. Another waste but oh well, some of the quest collections are quite nice. I think I'm nearing the end as I just opened the Tree House and have already done a quest for it. I think I'll slow down a bit as I'm sure I will not like waiting for new non tmed quests.

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    • I believe it's a way to involve the crafting stations in the storyline and remind players of their use. You'll get some more similar quests with the Fortune Teller.

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    • A FANDOM user
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