• I saw in your avatar name you were injured.  Just wanted to say sorry, Friend, and hope you have a speedy recovery!!!!!!       Kimber

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    • Hi Kimber. Sorry for butting in! I also saw "Eyerisinjured" when I opened my game tonight.

      How are you now Eyeris? Please forget about gifting while you are not well. Hope everything will be OK and you'll receive your prize at last. You totally deserve it after all that hard work. Above all, hope you'll get well soon.

      Take care, dear friend.

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    • Hi Kimber and July!!

      I've missed you both! Unfortunately I took a fall and broke my foot, further hurt my shoulder and bumped my head. Real life in general has just been a literal pain. I have a ways to go as far as healing but I am not hurting as much as I was at first so I will be trying to keep up with my friends like you and play the game to some extent again. I really didn't realize that I had been offline for so long. I changed my avatar name to "backish". I will have some days when I might not have any time to play but I think for now the worst is over and I will be trying to play and more importantly keep up with my great friends. Thanks so much for the good wishes and I hope you are both doing well. I really have missed you very much!!

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    • Oh Eyeris I am so sorry!!!!!  Happy to hear you are somewhat on the poor thing!  So many of your friends (especially me) was worried about you and what had happened.  Don't worry about this game.  You concentrate on youself and healing.  I really missed you too, Friend.  Stay in touch on how you are getting along.  My prayers to you and a big Hug!!!!!    Kimber

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    • Thank you so much Kimber! I am very lucky to have so many good friends. I missed my friends more than the game. The game does help distract me some now since I am so useless in doing much of anything around the house. I've been playing my quests which take me around to different rooms and I've enjoyed that and I even used a golden chicken for the first time. 

      Physically I will be fine. It will just take time. Thank you for your kind words and sending hugs back to you!

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