Special Event End Notice

Special Event End Notice

Timed Challenges are special events during which the Player must complete a series of quests within a specified time duration and achieve the "winning conditions" to gain the reward.

First introduced during the game's Foggy Ship Update on September 21, 2015, Timed Challenges have been included in subsequent game updates which unveil new Hidden Object Locations in the Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery game.

Updates with Timed Challenges offer Players the chance to earn unique rewards such as special new Avatars, talismans, chests and decorations for the desktop. Each challenge brings new monsters/ creatures to banish along with new quests and new collections, all of which disappear once the Timed Challenge has ended.

Please note that once the timer for an event expires, it is no longer possible to earn the rewards for that event.

Missed out on an event? Don't worry! Collection Items and Fixers from all past events are available as Chests for purchase from the Store. The Hidden Object Locations from past events become integrated into the overall storyline so new Players will unlock them upon reaching the required experience level in the game.

List of Timed ChallengesEdit

The following is a list of the Timed Challenge Updates released for the game:

No. Update Name Released
1 The Mystery of the Foggy Ship September 2015
2 Mystery of the Gloomy House October 2015
3 Christmas Adventure November 2015
4 Upon Wings of Love February 2016
5 Leprechaun's Gold March 2016
6 Ghosts of the Past April 2016
7 Merchant's Treasure May 2016
8 Foundation Day July 2016
9 Lost Treasury September 2016
10 Mystery of the Dark Square October 2016
11 Enchanted Harvest November 2016
12 Snowy Fairy Tale December 2016
13 Ice Dancing January 2017
14 Flower Festival February 2017
15 Legends of Darkwood March 2017
16 Birds April 2017
17 Sorcerer's Spell May 2017
18 Inviolable Prohibition June 2017
19 Foundation Holiday July 2017
20 Enchanted Confectionery August 2017
21 Mystery of Wonderpark September 2017
22 Scary Pranks October 2017
23 Long Fall November 2017
24 Holiday for All December 2017
25 Hearts of Ice January 2018
26 Magic Scroll February 2018


- The amount of time available for the timed challenges is set and the countdown timer began upon the update's release. The time limit remains the same across all platforms regardless of release date.

- To reach Virtuoso level in the Timed Challenge's event location takes 150 plays, which requires 3285 access passes/ "keys".