As you play the Seeker's Notes:Mysteries of Darkwood game you will encounter a wide variety of Darkwood Town inhabitants. Some of these Characters will give you Quests and develop the games Story through their conversations with you. Others will be needed to Craft items to complete Quests, and others still be needed to Trade items within the game.

Story Characters

Helen Edit

Helen Introduction

Helen is the first person you meet in Darkwood. She is Mayor Darkwood's assistant.

Mayor Felix Smallcat Edit

Mayor Smallcat Introduction

Felix Smallcat is the Mayor of Darkwood. You meet the Mayor when you unlock the Mayor's Office Location.

Lady Ursula Byron Edit

Ursula Introduction

Lady Ursula Byron is from an old Darkwood family. You meet Lady Byron when you unlock the Train Station Location. Lady Byron is suspicious of Mayor Smallcat.

Colonel Hammerstrike Edit

Colonel Hammerstrike Introduction

Colonel Hammerstrike is responsible for keeping order in Darkwood. You meet the Colonel when you reach level 5 of the game. He enlists you to help him hunt Monsters that are invading the Town.

Anna Sherwood Edit

Anna Sherwood introdution

Anna Sherwood is a reporter at the Darkwood Town newspaper. You meet Anna when you unlock Alley. Anna is also suspicious of Mayor Smallcat.

Benjamin Rosewell Edit

Ben Rosewell introduction

Benjamin is a Darkwood Town child who has lost his parents. You meet Ben when you reach level 7. He becomes an apprentice Seeker under your tutelage.

Doctor Cunningham Edit

Doctor Cunningham needs help finding items for his experiments into the Darkwood Town Curse.

Informant Edit

Informant Introduction

The Informant is a mysterious character who sends you an encrypted message to test your abilities. After you decipher the message with Ben's help, the Informant agrees to meet with you in the Alley, where he enlists your help in investigating the curse of Darkwood Town.

Agnes the Witch Edit

Gordon Byron's confidante, who helped him settle some romantic affairs in the distant past.

Gordon Byron Edit

Lady Byron's son and heir, who would rather have a simple life. Went into hiding for a while, The Shack was his living place.

Clyde Templeton Edit

Clyde is a failed actor who comes to town impersonating Oscar Byron, Lady Byron's estranged son.

Salvadore Edit

Salvadore is an artist.

Sarah Thompson Edit

You find Sarah in the Darkwood Mine, trapped. She was looking for a treasure her miner father hid there.

Peter Edit

Peter lives in the same orphanage as Ben. During the Sorcerer's Spell event, he falls victim to a mirror curse.

Nicholas Edit

Nicholas works in the House of Toys.

Crafting Characters

Fortune Teller Edit

Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller crafting station unlocks upon reaching Level 5 in the game.

Forge Edit


The Forge crafting station unlocks upon reaching Level 10 in the game.

Inventor Edit


The Inventor crafting station unlocks upon reaching Level 20 in the game.

Trading Characters


Trading Actor

Dancer Edit

Trading Dancer

Flower Girl Edit

Trading Flower Girl


Trading Lady

Seamstress Edit

Trading Seamstress

Sweep Edit

Trading Sweep

Violinist Edit

Trading Violinist

Woodman Edit

Trading Woodsman

Related Edit

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