Trading Woodman

Trading with the Woodsman

As you play Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood, you will learn how to Trade items with the Darkwood Town inhabitants in order to get items you need to continue your game.

You can earn a number of important items by Trading with the Darkwood Townspeople, including items needed for Crafting and items needed to combine Collections. Sometimes you will need to Trade with one Towns-person multiple times to get enough items to Trade with another Towns-person just once. However, the rewards for Trading match the difficulty of finding the original items needed to make that Trade.

Townspeople Edit

As you play and work through the game's Quests, you will be introduced to different Darkwood Townspeople. Once you have unlocked a Towns-person, their icon will float around the Darkwood Town map. You can Trade with Townspeople to collect rewards. To Trade with a Towns-person, simply tap on a floating icon for that Towns-person. This will bring up the Trading Window for that Towns-person. You can Trade with a Towns-person as many times as you want, as long as you have the right item to Trade. Every time you Trade with a Towns-person, their icon will re-appear in a different areas of the Darkwood Town map.

Hint: if you a number of floating icons are close together, and you are having a hard time selecting the right one, you can zoom in on the Darkwood Town map using the iPad pinch zoom function (dragging two fingers away from each other on screen).

Trading Window Edit

Trading seamstress have

Pressing Trade will take the required Trading Items out of your Inventory and give you the Rewards listed in the 'You can Obtain' box

When you tap on the floating icon the Trading Window for that Towns-person will appear. This Window will show you a picture of the Towns-person and a short description of their Trade.

Beneath this will be a picture of the item you need to make a Trade with that Towns-person. Under this picture, you will see how many of the item you need per trade with that Towns-person and how many of that item you currently have in your Inventory. In the case of the Seamstress in the picture to the right, you need 1 Thimble to make a Trade, and the player currently has 3 Thimbles in their Inventory, so 3/1 is shown in green underneath the image of the Thimble. Tapping on the image of the Trading item will bring up an information box for it which will also show you how many you have in your inventory but will also show you where you can find the item in the game.

Under the image of the Trading item, a 'You can Obtain' box shows what rewards that you will obtain for making the Trade. In the 'You can Obtain' box is images of the rewards. You can tap on these images to bring up an information box for the items, as well as their names. This information box will explain what the item is used for as well as where else (if anywhere) you can get it in the game.

Pressing Trade will reduce the number of Trading Items in your inventory by the amount needed to make the Trade and you will receive the listed rewards and be brought back to the Darkwood Town map.

Trading flowergirl dont have

If you don't have the Trading Item, you cannot make the Trade. If you tap on the 'Find' button a blue arrow will give you a hint as to where to find the item. If the Trading item is a first order item, and can be bought in the Store, you will be given the option to buy the item instead. If you tap on Trade, then if the item can be bought you will be offered to buy it, but if the item cannot be bought, then you will be given a blue arrow hint instead.

If you don't have the Trading item needed to Trade with that Towns-person, then you will not be able to make the Trade. If the Trading item is a first order item - i.e. an item that can be won by playing Locations or puzzles, and can be bought in the shop, then a green 'Buy' button will appear next to the image of the item. This will allow you to purchase the item with Rubies.

Alternatively, a green 'Find' button is under the 'Buy' button. Pressing this will exit the Trading Window and a blue arrow will appear on the Darkwood Town map pointing to where you can get the item in the game.

If the item is a second order item - i.e. an item that must be won as a reward for Trading with another Towns-person or an item that must be crafted and cannot be bought in the shop - then there will be no 'Buy' button. But there will be a 'Find' button.

If you do not have the required items to make the Trade and you press Trade then you will be offered to buy the item with Rubies (if it is a first order item) or the Trade Window will exit and a blue arrow will point to where you can find the item in the game (if it is a second order item).

Trading When Visiting Friends Edit

When you visit your Friends' maps, the Townspeople they have unlocked in their game will also be floating about their maps. You can interact with these Townspeople to Trade for items even if you have not unlocked that Towns-person in your game yet. You will receive the reward in your game if you Trade with a Friend's Towns-person.

However, it is important to note that each Trade will count as one of your available charges for that friend for that day. Which means you will be able to charge one less of your Friend's Locations/Puzzles for that visit, and so collect fewer experience points and coins from visiting that friends.


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