Treasure Box is the first puzzle mini-game unlocked in the Seeker's Notes: Mystery of Darkwood game.

Treasure Box is a match 3 of the same color jewel type game. The player must switch and match in a combination of three or more of the same color jewels to clear the game board. The player is given 4 minutes to complete the challenge. At higher Ranks there are increasingly more difficult challenges and obstacles to clear and less time to complete the task.

Treasure Box is unlocked at Level.

How To PlayEdit

The object of the game is to complete the challenge within a set amount of time. The player must match and combine 3 or more of the same colored jewels in a line up or down to complete the challenge. Each session will have a new challenge as shown on the progress bar at the bottom of the game panel. There are 3 challenge modes in Treasure Box.

Palette Mode: the player must remove a set amount of certain colored jewels

Plates Mode: the player must remove all the brown and silver plates

Stargazer Mode: the player must maneuver the Star, Moon and Saturn into the caskets

If the player is stuck and does not make a match within 5 seconds, the game will provide a hint by highlighting a possible match with "dancing jewels". If there are no possible matches left on the game board, the board will reshuffle itself.

The player will sometimes encounter obstacles such as locked jewels and/or stones. These are removed by triggering a match of 3 or more.


Matching 3 of the same colored jewels in a line will clear those 3 jewels from the board as well as any adjacent obstacles. As the jewels are removed, adjacent jewels will fill the empty space created and new jewels will fall from the top of the game board.

TB Match

Match 3 of same effect

Matching 4 of the same will create a Striped Jewel of that color, either vertically or horizontally striped. The stripe depends on how the match combination was formed. Making a match with a Striped Jewel will trigger it to remove all the jewels in the row (horizontal striped) or column (vertical striped) it is found in.

TB StripedSingle

Match with 1 Striped Jewel vertical effect

Switching a Striped Jewel with another Striped Jewel of any color will trigger them, removing both the row plus the column they are in.

TB StripedDouble

Match 2 Striped Jewels effect

Matching 5 of the same in a T-shape or L-shape will create a bomb of that color. Making a match with a Bomb will trigger it to explode and remove all adjacent jewels from the board as well as trigger any adjacent effect jewels.

TB BombRow

Match with a Bomb effect

Switching a Bomb with a Striped Jewel of any color will create a Mega Striped Jewel that removes 3 whole adjacent rows and columns.

TB MegaStriped-0

Mega Striped Jewel effect

Switching a Bomb with another Bomb of any color will trigger a chain explosion that removes any adjacent jewels in the vicinity.

TB DoubleBombs

Double Bomb effect

Matching 5 of the same in a line will create a Prism. A Prism is triggered by switching it with any jewel color that is adjacent to it, it will then find and remove all of that jewel color from the board.

TB Prism

Prism effect

Switching a Prism with a Striped Jewel will trigger it to find jewels of that same color, making them randomly striped and triggered.

TB PrismStriped

Match Prism with Striped Jewel effect


Two tools are available for use in Treasure Box: Flying Time adds an additional 45 seconds of game play and the Eyeglass which randomly removes one jewel needed in the challenge.


Coming Soon...


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