Treasure Box Puzzle Icon

Treasure Box Puzzle Icon

Treasure Box is the first puzzle mini-game unlocked in the Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery game.

Treasure Box is a match 3 of the same type game. The Player must swap and match in a combination of three or more of the same color gems to clear the game board. A time limit of 4 minutes is given to complete the challenge. At higher Ranks there are increasingly more difficult challenges and obstacles to clear and less time to complete the task.

Treasure Box is unlocked at Game Level 3. Players starting a new game will be taken through a tutorial on the puzzle's gameplay.

Game ModesEdit

There are 3 challenge modes in Treasure Box. Tapping on the icon will tell you what mode is on and what you need to do to win the game in that mode.

Mode Icon Aim
Plates Mode
Treasure Box Plates icon
Remove all the brown and silver plates by making matches over them
Palette Mode
Treasure Box Palette Icon
Remove a set amount of certain colored Gems by making matches of those colors
Stargazer Mode
Treasure Box Stargazer icon
Maneuver the Star, Moon and Saturn into the caskets

If the Player is unsuccessful in completing the puzzle in a certain game mode, it will unfortunately remain in that mode until completed.

How to PlayEdit

The object of the game is to match and combine 3 or more of the same colored gems. Gems come in six colors; match at least three of them with the same color in a line, across or down, to complete the challenge within the set time limit. Each session will have a new challenge goal as shown on the progress bar located next to the timer on the game panel.

Special Gem TypesEdit

Players are able to create 3 special types of gems in Treasure Box: the Striped Gem, the Bomb Gem, and the Rainbow Gem. Learning how to create these special gems will prove invaluable in clearing the board and makes completing the goal much faster and easier.

Gem Type Icon Formation Function
Striped Gem
Treasure Box Purple Striped Gem
Match 4 same colored Gems in a line across or down Removes all Gems in the same row (if horizontal striped) or column (if vertical striped)
Bomb Gem
Treasure Box Yellow Bomb Gem
Match 5 same colored Gems in an L or T shape Removes all adjacent Gems in its vicinity in a 3x3 square radius
Rainbow Gem
Treasure Box Rainbow Gem
Match 5 same colored Gems in a line across or down Removes all Gems of the same color from the board

Special Gem Combo MovesEdit

Players are able to combine the special gems together to create special configurations with its own unique amplified effects. The combo moves are extremely useful in clearing a large amount of gems from the game board at one time.

Combo Formation Function
Gem 1 Gem 2
Treasure Box Purple Striped Gem
Treasure Box Orange Striped Gem
Striped + Striped removes one entire row and one entire column
Treasure Box Purple Striped Gem
Treasure Box Yellow Bomb Gem
Striped+ Bomb creates a Mega Striped Gem that removes three rows and three columns at same time
Treasure Box Yellow Bomb Gem
Treasure Box Red Bomb Gem
Bomb + Bomb removes all adjacent gems in its vicinity with larger area of effect than single bomb
Treasure Box Rainbow Gem
Treasure Box Purple Striped Gem
Rainbow + Striped transforms all the gems of the same color into striped Gems with random horizontal and vertical stripes
Treasure Box Rainbow Gem
Treasure Box Yellow Bomb Gem
Rainbow + Bomb removes 2 gem colors from the board
Treasure Box Rainbow Gem
Treasure Box Rainbow Gem
Rainbow + Rainbow removes all gems from the game board 

If the Player is stuck and does not make a match within 5 seconds, the game will provide a hint by highlighting a possible match with "dancing gems". If there are no possible matches left on the game board, the board will reshuffle itself.

The Player will sometimes encounter obstacles such as locked gems and/or stones. These are removed by triggering a match of 3 or more.

Matches IllustratedEdit

Matching 3 of the same colored gems in a line will clear those 3 gems from the board as well as any surrounding obstacles such as stones and plates. As the gems are removed, adjacent gems will fill the empty space created and new gems will fall from the top of the game board. To get three matches you must align three of the same colored gem either vertically or horizontally. This is the most basic match you can make.

TB Match

Match 3 of same effect

Matching 4 of the same will create a Striped Gem of that color, either vertically or horizontally striped. The direction of the stripe depends on how the match combination was formed: forming a line match across results in a horizontal stripe while forming a line match up or down results in a vertical stripe. Making a match with a Striped Gem will trigger it to remove all the gems in the row (if horizontally striped) or column (if vertically striped) that it is found in. It is better to match 4 gems together whenever possible because the striped gems produce line blasts that will clear all gems in the same line, either horizontally or vertically.

TB StripedSingle

Match with 1 Striped Gem vertical effect

Matching a Striped Gem with another Striped Gem of any color and stripe will activate them, and trigger the removal of all gems in both the row plus the column they are in. One gem will clear a vertical column and the other gem will clear a horizontal row, forming a plus sign effect. Note that if both gems have stripes facing the same direction, one will be randomly switched to facilitate this effect.

TB StripedDouble

Match 2 Striped Gems effect

Matching 5 of the same in a T-shape or L-shape will create a Bomb Gem of that same color. Making a match with a Bomb will trigger it to explode and remove all adjacent gems from the board as well as trigger any adjacent special Gems in the immediate vicinity of the blast zone. When activated, the Bomb Gem will explode once and clear the surrounding gems in a 6×6 square blast radius.

TB BombRow

Match with a Bomb effect

Matching a Bomb with a Striped Gem of any color will create a Mega Striped Gem that clears three rows and three columns at once, forming a plus sign effect similar to the striped + striped gem combo, only 3x bigger.  A good amount of the board is cleared with this Mega Striped Gem combo move.

TB MegaStriped-0

Mega Striped Gem effect

Matching a Bomb with another Bomb of any color will trigger a chain explosion that removes any adjacent gems in the vicinity. A bigger explosion than the single Bomb effect occurs as each of the Bombs will explode twice and clear the surrounding gems in a 6×6 square blast radius. This Double Bomb move is most effective at clearing obstacles such as plates and stones.

TB DoubleBombs

Double Bomb effect

Matching 5 of the same in a line across or down will create a Rainbow Gem. A Rainbow Gem's effect is activated by switching it with any gem color that is adjacent to it, causing it to find and remove all of that same gem color from the board. This move is most helpful in clearing and activating gems of a specific color (i.e. for the hard to reach gems or to activate a certain gem for its effect).
TB Prism

Rainbow effect

Matching a Rainbow with a Striped Gem will trigger it to find gems of that same color, transforming all gems of that color into Striped Gems (both horizontal and vertical at random) and then activating these transformed gems. This is one of the best combo moves to make as it will clear a major portion of the board.

TB PrismStriped

Match Rainbow with Striped Gem effect

Matching a Rainbow with a Bomb will cause the Rainbow to randomly choose 2 colors of gems to remove from the board. This is the least effective special combo move since there is no control over which color gems will be cleared.

TB RainbowBombCombo

Match Rainbow with Bomb effect

Matching a Rainbow with a Rainbow will cause both Rainbow Gems to cycle through its prism and remove all colors from the game board - your entire board will be momentarily cleared in a laser light show! This is a great combo move to make, although forming 2 Rainbows in close proximity is not easy to do.

TB DoubleRainbowsCombo

Double Rainbow effect

Tools in Treasure BoxEdit

There are two tools available to use in Treasure Box:

Tool Icon Use
Flying Time Flying Time Tool Adds an additional 45 seconds of game play to the game's timer
Eyeglass Eyeglass Tool Randomly removes one gem obstacle in the challenge

Collection Item SetsEdit

Listed below are the Collection Item sets specific to the Treasure Box puzzle. note a random artifact fixer is also awarded when a collection is combined for the first time.

Collection Name Item Created Coins Earned Rewards Giftable Collection?
Band of Knights Horseman 250 All-Seeing Talisman x1 Yes
Ancient Ciphers Book of Ciphers 250 Torch x1 Yes
Precious Crystals Middle-Earth Crystal 250 Club x1 Yes
Legends of Asgard Thor's Hammer 250 Magic Lantern Tool x1 Yes


Please list any helpful hints here or see the forum for more help (i.e.) this thread .


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