I always have trouble when a quest calls for a certain anamoly. I copied the following from another users post so I could find it when needed. This is a response from MT on how to set up your locations so you have a better chance of receiving an anomaly where you need it. (Probably the wrong one) I never have the right summoners anyway, but this is useful information.

Note: As for Anomaly summoners, they cannot summon Anomalies in locations that already have Anomalies or in locations that are currently in Anagram mode ('cba' icon). If all locations on the map either already have Anomalies present or are in Anagram mode or in Novice level, you will get an error notice if you try to use an Anomaly summoner. You can use this fact to 'force' the Anomaly into a location you need. To do this, play all other locations until they either get an Anomaly or are in Anagram mode. You can also use Anomaly summoners to create Anomalies in other locations. Once every other location on the map has an Anomaly present (or is in Angram mode), then you can use Anomaly summoner from your Inventory. The Anomaly will only be able to appear in the one location you left without an Anomaly/Anagram mode, so you are guaranteed it will appear in this location.