• Carzang


    I have tried different ways, but I found this the simplest and most effectful one. I'm sure other programs like gimp (free photo editing program) have the same tool too.

    I select the costum shape tool (it looks like a blue heart, on the left side in my toolbar) and decided to use it from center.  That allows me to point on the center of the item and drag it in the wanted size. On the upper left corner you see the used tool, next to it you can select shape: I took the circle, and as color I selected a bright yellow.

    With this selections I start in the center of the item and drag it so that the whole item is inside and wisible on the picture.

    For every selection photoshop choses a new layer. If the selection don't turn out as you want, just …

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  • Carzang

    Einer Kopie des Spieles: ein BackUp. Mein PC ist auf english und ich bin nicht sicher dass alles so heisst wie ich es geschrieben habe. Falls andere Ausdrücke verwendet werden, lass es mir wissen.

    Backup deines Spiels

    1. das Spiel zu speichern. Erstelle einen neuen Ordner zum Beispiel auf dem Schreibtisch oder unter Dokumente und benenne ihn so dass du ihn erkennst, z.B. ”20170810SeekersNotesBackup”.

    2. Eine Kopie der Datei erstellen. Diese heisst ”player.prf” und man findet sie in C:\Benutzer\Benutzername\AppData\Local\Packages\5CB722CC.SeekersNotesMysteriesofDarkwood_ypk0bew5psyra\LocalState\
      Achtung: den eigenen Benutzernamen anstatt Benutzername einsetzen. Kopiere diese Datei (player.prf) du kannst (Ctrl+c)beide Tasten gleichzeitig und füge(Ctrl…

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  • Carzang

    Take a screenshot of the picture in so that it saves to a file (in windows there are a few different possibilities, Fn+Prt Sc, or Windows+Prt Sc, or Fn+Windows+Prt Sc, it often dipends from device) and open that screenshot on photoshop editor. Take the rectangural selection tool (5th in the left side toolbar, but as you can reorganize your toolbar, that might be different) and select the part of the picture you are interested in and copy (Ctrl+C). Open a new screen (Ctrl+N) and press enter as the window size will be the same as the size of you copy. Past the picture (Ctrl+V). Now you have the picture you want to use and you only need to clean the borders.

    Choose the Magic Wand tool (7th in the left side toolbar) and select outside the borde…

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  • Carzang

    I really hope you will never need that, but, just in case, you never know, it could be helpful.

    Backing up your Seekers Notes Game

    The Seekers Notes Game have an internal back up that saves your progress. If the game crashes during an update, you can just uninstall and reinstall. When you open the game you'll get the option if you want to go back to the level you were. You answer ok and you are back in your game. But we have experienced that it doesn't work every time. So it's better to back up before updating to save your progress. This backup can also be used if you use another pc and you want to continue to play your game there.

    Note: I don't take any responsability for your backUp, but I'm happy to help

    It is very simple to back up your ga…

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