I really hope you will never need that, but, just in case, you never know, it could be helpful.

Backing up your Seekers Notes Game

The Seekers Notes Game have an internal back up that saves your progress. If the game crashes during an update, you can just uninstall and reinstall. When you open the game you'll get the option if you want to go back to the level you were. You answer ok and you are back in your game. But we have experienced that it doesn't work every time. So it's better to back up before updating to save your progress. This backup can also be used if you use another pc and you want to continue to play your game there.

Note: I don't take any responsability for your backUp, but I'm happy to help

It is very simple to back up your game progress on a Windows computer, the only thing you have to do is copy the player files to the new folder created for backing up. If you need to restore the game at a later date, you can just replace the current player files with the copy you have saved.

Create a folder somewhere, it might be on the desktop on your pc or on an usb drive or dropbox. I use to name the folder for exemple ”20170711SeekersNotesBackUp” or whi

ch the date I created it.

The first think you need is to enable the view of hidden folders. To do that open the Control Panel (right click the windows sign in the lower left corner) and open the ”File Explorer Option”. Select in the upper left the view option and mark the option ”Show hidden files, folders and drives” then shut down the folder

You will find the SeekersNotes game progress files are located in


The most important file to copy is the ”player.prf” file, which contains all your game progress. All other files in this directory will be automatically downloaded from the game servers if needed.

The Local State folder contains 3 folders and one of them is the social folder. Copy your friends from that folder, just in case. Sometimes, there are issues with the Friends List and it may be helpful to have them saved separately.

You will find further informations in Secret Society. The game is build in the same way