I am aware I am mostly talking to myself right now, but hopefully I will get this wiki in order and start recruiting help soon (real life permitting). The plan is to first get the bare bones ready for other people to take over, and flesh it out so to speak.

Eventually, I hope that this will be a good set of pages for people to refer to when starting out in the game. So all the answers to questions we had to figure out for ourselves through tedious trial and error will be in one (hopefully) easy to navigate place.

As well as answering basic questions, both the wiki and this forum could be a place for people to share hints, tips, and strategies. It could also potentially be a record of all the changes that come with updates, so old information can be archived in the graveyard, with the main pages showing only uptodate information to reduce the confusion that sometimes comes with this game.

I don't want to take away from other communities that have built up around this game or The Secret Society game, simply add to them. Those places will always be where the real conversations happen and friendships forge. I see this place more as tool to help them instead. Somewhere to simply put all the information gathered by players together, along with photos and videos if needed to help with the great explanations they are already offering.