I noticed when I go gift, that WL change very quickly. For example, let's say I go back to April, I go into MamaTerri's rooms and I see she wants a sword (I never have those anyway) and ribbons and a camera. But I just used my 10th slot to gift her. So I leave and go to an other day and go back to her room to gift the sword(wishful thinking), but her whole WL changed that quick. Yes it is possible she changed it that quick, but this occurs several times during the TTing. Well last night a friend wanted ribbon, I owed her a lot, so I told her to put it on her WL. I go to gift and the ribbon isn't listed. I thought she forgot. She contacts me to tell me she had it up the entire time. It wasn't there all evening. About 3:00 am I go look and finally it shows up. Has anyone else experience this?

Also where do I go for this raffle?