I have, for the moment, prepared a suggested rota for three days only. Given that we are on different time zones, this starts on Saturday to give us all a run in.

I had a look at the numbers and the ratio for the fixers works out roughly at nut one, lily and scarab 1.5 and elf two. I have worked on this basis although the lilies will need some adjustment later. The locks are an additional feature. I think it fair to exclude I'm STU and Dag from the daily rota since they will be doing some TT on our behalf and making a very large contribution to defeating the game!!! As such, they are shown on the list as locks every day so that they don't need to check to see what they are doing.

I'm STU and Dag are you happy with this arrangement. It means you can just send locks on the days you don't TT. When you do TT, please divide your gifts as you wish, although a lot of locks would be gratefully received from the rest of us.

Everyone else, your item will change daily. Otherwise, you will be sending one item, which you will never receive (because you are sending it). So

Saturday 4 June

Nut Linka

Lily Susi and Lulu

Scarab Margboul

Elf SeekerGirl and Talou

Lock Sheils, I'm STU and Dag

Send to AndalayBay ???

Sunday 5 June

Nut Talou

Lily linka and Margboul

Scarab Susi

Elf Lulu and sheils

Lock SeekerGirl, I'm STU and Dag

Send to AndalayBay ???

Monday 6 June

Nut Margboul

Lily Sheils and SeekerGirl

Scarab Lulu

Elf Linka and Susi

Lock Talou, I'm STU and Dag

Send to AndalayBay ???

Clearly, this would be better set out in a table, so that you can each just glance at your own list; but I don't know how to do this here. I can't copy and paste from my iPad or laptop because I don't have the facility. Can anyone help here. If not, I'll ask Foss.

Is everyone happy with this so far. Please let me know what you think. I would suggest we go live on Saturday and review how it is working on Monday.

AndalayBay what do you want to receive.

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