I said in my last blog that we should review this system today; and I would be grateful for any comments.

I note the following. Dag doesn't really need nuts etc. He wants locks at the moment. I too would prefer locks because I have completed all of the collections requiring the nuts etc so I am not in desperate need.

Since Talou and SeekerGirl both have the avatar, I assume that they too have completed (or very nearly completed) the collections which need nuts, elves etc.

So, do we carry on with this system, which is really aimed at balancing the number of fixers at the beginning, and during, a challenge. Or should we think about something similar to the artefacts page so that we advertise for what we want pronto when we need a particular item. For example, AndalayBay told us she needed tickets and thread and everyone responded by sending these items or the collections to get the items.

The bottom line is that I, personally, don't think this system is working. Good idea Linka has been found wanting.

So what do you all think. Because of our time differences, it may take a while for you all to answer so send what you think on Tuesday, whilst we all, comment, think and decide what to do.

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