Below is a table created to keep track of an experiment proposed by Cosmos27 involving the Wish List and its drop rate for Collection Items when Visiting or Playing Rooms. For those who are participating, please feel free to add your game information to the table below by using the edit button at the top of the page and entering the pertinent information in the appropriate fields. Thanks!

Wish List Experiment

The Wish List Experiment

SN Game Name Wish List Items Received from Player or Visiting Gift Giver Experience Gift Receiver Experience
5sides Dragonstone (now removed) is an MIA piece
Cosmos funnel, bobbin, windmill, silv Napoleon 5s,Susi,Tex,Meoh,carz,tash and... windmill won via play got funnel chrg MeohMy, Planet gt silv chrgng
Planet culverin 6 friends plyd HLx4 recvd 2 mre weapns
Planet trident, diadem Susi
Planet Bobber Tex,Riv,Susi Tex-did not rcv during play
TexGal Jade turtle, candle, elegant dress coat, fetters Susi, 5sides, Cosmos, Luv, Planet, JJ, & others Rcvd candle during play, none visiting